asked Jan 1, 2001 at 11:19am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 880

Printer Problem (needs a GURU for this one)

First of all, everything worked fine until the HD crash on my main computer (my wife uses the other one). We have a simple LAN.
Win98(SR2)on both computers,128MB RAM, 20 GIG HD, etc.

I installed a new hard drive. I re-nstalled everything including the printer (HP 990cse).
Since then I now have an Epson Stylus 880.

Here's the problem:

1. On my computer, the printer won't print, but it will print via LAN from my wife's computer via Windows or DOS (even though it shows a "....LPT1 connection error...." message.

2. On my computer, the printer WILL print from DOS, but will NOT print from Windows.

3. I removed the LAN setup and ran the printer DIReCTLY to my computer. Still won't print in Windows. I get the ..."There is an error printing to LPT1....".

4. I have file/print sharing enabled for the LAN on both computers.

5. I replaced the printer cable with a new one. Same problem.

6. I removed the LPT1 printer port from System Properties and re-installed. Same problem.

7. I booted to SAFE MODE and removed the printer ports and re-booted. Windows re-installed the LPT1 as usual. Same problem.

8. I checked all connections and they are good. I re-installed Windows. Same problem.

9. I have all the Windows updates from Microsoft.

11. No IRQ conflicts.