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Epson Epson Stylus Color 1520

Networking an EPSON 1520

I'm having a hell of a time here. Cannot get this thing figured out one bit. I don't even know what questions to ask first.

I have my EPSON 1520 attached via ethernet to a Netgear router. The router doesn't see the printer (not viewable in the admin nor via the port lights on the front of the router). The red and green lights on the net card are flashing, just as they do when it's not connected to the network (via parallel cable). This makes me believe the printer isn't aware of it's connection either.

I've changed the "Network I/F Mode" to "On" via the printer control panel. I've also learned (elsewhere on the 'net) that if you push the black button on the card a "card status" page is supposed to print (revealing the printer's IP address). I don't know if you have to enter the printer into some other diagnostic mode before this step (I wasn't made aware of such a requirement), but pressing on the button for three seconds did nothing.

Is this card shot?

What else can I do to find the IP, and ping the printer?

I'm at a loss.

Couple of possibles.

- Check the router cable connection to see if the network socket is lit up on the router. This would indicate network traffic or at least recognition that something was attached

- Try a different network cable. You may have a crossover cable you're trying to use or just a faulty one.

Given the age of the printer I'd say it's a high chance that the card has gone though. But, on the up side you should be able to get a parallel type printserver for next to nothing and just use that instead.
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Actually (as mentioned in my initial post) the router definitely isn't recognizing the printer. It's port light isn't lit and I cannot access it under "attached devices" via the Netgear router's admin screen.

Also, the cable is fine as I use it to attach devices to the network quite regularly.

I appreciate your reply, the time you took to respond, and the suggestion of a mini print server, but I'd rather try to see if I can get the card (that I already own) to work before I pitch it in the dump.

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I found a manual for another (newer) EPSON network card and discovered that both the red and green lights blinking at the same time COULD mean that the card is initializing (usually after startup or upon resetting). Unfortunately, they just keep blinking. And blinking. And blinking. And blinking. Until you power down.

Still looking for possible options/steps to take.

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I have a half dozen or so network cards that I've tried in a 1520. I've found that only one model will work. I suspect that most don't have the firmware on board to enable networking without a server. - Scotty
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