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LJII paper pickup roller position + other problems

Dear All,

I have a LJII that I picked up from a friend who got this printer used. This printer initially had a lot of problems but I replaced the fuser, the two rubber shafts in the registration assy, the seperation pad, paper pickup roller, and the gear that is between the gear on top of the fuser and the gear that turns the top paper exit rollers.

Right now I am having three problems with this printer. The first problem is that I don't know what the original starting position of the paper pickup roller is in relation to the seperation pad. (i.e. the flat part of the roller resting on the seperation pad). I would like to know this so that I could set the timing correctly for the printer w/ regards to the pickup roller shaft and adjusting the set screw on the clutch of that shaft. The second problem is that the exit rollers make a loud rubber "sqeaking" sound when the paper is exiting the printer for the first 1/3rd of the page. After that first 1/3rd has printed out the rollers quietly eject the paper out the top. This isn't a problem that stops the printer from functioning, but it will break your concentration in a hurry. The third problem is that the printer will have horizontal lines of text that are smeared either at the top or middle of the page, or sometimes smeared in both places. The toner cartridge is a no name generic made in 96 and I was wondering if this poor printing performance could be due to the fact that the drum is worn out or the toner is of poor quality. I have set the darkness knob to 9 for the lightest print possible and this problem still occurs.

This is my first attempt at repairing a HP LJII printer, and I am unfamiliar with some of the finer points of the HP Laserjet printers. Any assistance would be greately appreciated.

Thanks for your help and time.

Brian Holden

First piece of advice is never touch the clutch end of the pickup roller. The roller should park with the flat side towards the separation pad. I've seen them installed upside down more than once. The squealing sound is due to a glazed exit roller. Last problem is a bad toner cartridge. Most generics, you're lucky if they work right out of the box.
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Thanks for the advice on the LJII printer. I work for a local college and I took the LJII to our laser printer tech. and he didn't note the position of the clutch before he removed it and regreased the clutch with some silicone grease (but didn't put it back in the correct position, or have a clue on what position it needed to be in). Since I didn't have a firm starting point about the clutch assembly, I needed to get the pickup roller in the right spot before figuring out where the clutch needed to be. You were also correct about the cause of the poor print quality. I bought an HP toner cart. (expensive) but the print quality is the best thing that has come out of the printer yet.

When I get more time I will replace the exit roller, but until then I'll live with the squeaking/screeching noise, or have the paper go out the back of the printer.

Thanks again for your quick and accurate reply about the printer's ailments. Keep up the great work!

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Close as I can approximate it, do the following. Point the clutch part up and have the flat part of the rubber facing you. The flat part with the set screw should be opposite and parallel with the left flat part of the pickup roller. That's the part that's slightly rounded. This orientation should be close enough to work right.
Don't let that "tech" touch your printer anymore.
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