asked Jan 22, 2009 at 2:54am
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Apple LaserWriter 630 Pro paper pickup problem


I have an Apple Color LaserWriter 12/660 which works great but my main work horse for printing is my old but venerable Apple LaserWriter 630 Pro. The problem is that recently it's having paper pickup problem.

Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it just refuses to pick up a page which results in a paper jam error. Fooling around with the paper cassette, opening and closing the toner cover and so on used to solve the problem. No rhyme or reason really that I could discern.

However, lately the problem is getting more frequent and less easy to "fix". I really love this printer. Does anybody have any ideas I can try out?!...

I have the tech manual but it only addresses a complete failure of the paper pickup. Not intermittent failures.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

OK, I had another look and I think I found the reason. The so called Cassette Pickup
Roller has a rubber band that serves as a "grabber". The condition of this grabber has deteriorated. So much so that when I tried cleaning it - it disintegrated...

Where does one purchase such a part?
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