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asked Jan 21, 2009 at 7:02am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Laserwriter II: 4 blinking lights

I have four blinking lights on my sweet old (usually) dependable Apple Laserwriter II. It worked fine until about a week ago.

Powering down the printer and restarting does not make the problem go away.

I have pulled the Fuser; I measure 2 ohms on the right two contacts but get a zero reading on measuring the third and fourth pins on the left side.

I installed the Pickup Jam Repair Kit two years ago and a paper jam is not the problem.

Could this be a bad SX Fuser, AC Power Module, or something else?

Two more things about my Laserwriter II problem:

The resistance on the contacts on the right is actually 3.8 ohms - with a reading of zero on the left contacts - and also when I try to print a test page from my computer, I get a message saying "The printer is fixing a temperature malfunction" (but, of course, it does not fix the malfunction and the lights continue to blink).

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Answering my own query, replacement of the AC Power Supply (or Module) solved my problem. calls the power supply "Item K05C - HP LaserJet II/III 50 Service Error Kit" and it ships with an installation video.

I tracked down the fabled Apple LaserWriter II Service Source.pdf online. When pins 4 and 22 of the DB-25 serial port were jumpered and the rotary switch was set to 4 the IIf/IIg Diagnostic chart in the Service Source indicated "Fuser Assembly Error" via four flashing lights .

The embedded LaserWriter II Flowcharts in the Service Source are a HyperCard stack which will not run under OSX. Fortunately I have an old laptop with OS9 and the HyperCard app. The Flowcharts simply said to begin diagnosis of the Fuser Assembly Error by replacing the AC Power Supply with a known good power supply. I installed the K05C kit and the printer is good to go.

Hopefully, I'll get another 17 years of service (I bought "Old Faithful" in 1992) out of this neat old printer with the help of
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