asked Sep 11, 2002 at 2:50pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

LaserWriter II NTX

Printer mechanism works perfectly. All parts function as designed. BUT, when turned on, the printer continues to "cycle," as if printing. The cycles are short and continuous.

This problem occurs when AppleTalk cable is not fitted tightly or when printer is turned off in a printing cylce or when jamming requires stopping and opening the printer (this turns printer off, of course) or when printer software conflicts arise from trying to restore printer function following one or more of the above-mentioned problems.

This has occurred several times and I have always been able to make the printer work properly by doing a combination of things: checking the AppleTalk cable, cleaning all of the printer's insides, running Apple printer utility 2.2, reinstalling printer software (LaserWriter driver 8.6.5), etc.

But this time nothing seems to do the trick. It seems as if the printer utility is trying to cure the problem with repetitive reconfiguration signals (and this has worked in the past), but now it just can't seem to sort out what I am convinced is a badly confused operating instruction base deep inside the printer.
Pull the formatter board out the back. See if that stops the behavior. You can then try an engine test. If that works, you'll need a new board. See Moe's Special Deals page.
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