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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP computer chip forces you to buy new drum

I have a HP 2840 and have usually purchased drums and toner cartridges directly from HP. On New Years Day, our printer stopped functioning because we had ignored the buy new drum flashing for too long.

So Jan 2nd I had to order from a non HP printer place so that we could print invoices and other items through the weekend. The aftermarket triggered a paper jam, and after two hours to figure out with HP that there was no paperjam, we realized it was the after market product issue. So I called them back.

Because it was Friday and it was late, I was instructed to remove the computer chip on the back of the drum from HP and to replace with on the sticky spot the computer chip from the aftermarket one.

I have printed 500plus pages now perfectly WITH THE HP THAT WAS TRIGGERED AS FINISHED AND HAVE NO ISSUES AT ALL. So HP computer chips are telling their machines not to print after a set number of pages. This is ridiculous.

I called HP and they sent me a new drum for free, but want me to return this one. Well, it's not done yet. I'll keep you posted as to how many bonus pages I am getting from replacing ONLY THE CHIP.

How long has this been going on? Is this legal?????? should there be a computer chip business to use the rest of our products?
I'm still trying to figure out why HP sent you a free drum. All that the remanufacturing places do on that drum unit is to clean up the old one and stick a new chip on it. All the companies have chips on their consumables nowadays, not just HP.
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Hmmm, well, I know that if the drum is still fuctioning perfectly and its because the computer chip is telling it that it is okay to print is the only difference, I took (the gesture of the free drum)it as a way to shut me up about the fraud that the chips force you to order a new drum before you need it. They tried to tell me it was an isolated incident that the chip malfunctioned. personally, I am wondering if this is a more widespread problem, and unless we have someone who changes the chip on your drum that has stopped working, how would you know? - Anonymous
This came from another forum. It is simular but you still may find it of some use.

Rob S
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