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Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Epson stylus color 3000 driver for Mac OS 10.5

My Epson stylus color 3000 has been a work horse for years and I need a driver for mac Leopard 10.5.x. Epson does not have one, their SC3000_1.7aE.dmg works up to mac OS 10.4.11.
I can find the printer on the network in preferences >print & fax. I cannot choose a driver that works. There are two gimprint drivers for the 3000 in the long list of installed drivers and they don't work. The old Epson driver does not appear in the driver choice. I thought I would try it anyway.
Is there any way I can get my favorite printer to work with OS 10.5.1?
Anybody know of any drivers to make an epson stylus color 3000 work on a local area network with Mac OX 10.50x? The old driver does not work with the new OS.
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Hi, I'm still trying to find a driver so my old epson stylus color 3000 printer will work on a local area network with Mac OS 10.5.x
Any suggestions?
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That was my first try. does not have one, their SC3000_1.7aE.dmg works up to mac OS 10.4.11.
I tried gutenprint/gimprint drivers loaded on my mac and they don't work on OS 10.5.x
Any Suggestions? - unknown
Anybody know where I can get a driver to run my epson stylus color 3000 on Mac OS 10.5.x? The printer has served me well and now that I installed OS10.5 I can't find a driver.
Any Help is greatly appreciated.
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Did you ever find a driver for the 3000 that works on OS 10.5? If so, I would appreciate your forwarding the information to me so I can install it as well.

I am sending this inquiry fromn a Windows based machine. Please respond to [email protected]

Thanks - Anonymous
I am looking too - These printer manufacturers are conspiring to keep us buying new printers. I am going on Epson's site and giving them hell about this. A simple system upgrade has now knocked my main printer out of production... stinks!!!! Who has the money to by new printers every 2-3 years??!! They should continue providing drivers even if the printer is discontinued!!
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I am advised by Epson that because this printer is more than 10 years old and has a limited user base, there will be no more driver updates. There will be no further adjustment program updates.
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I would like to see if I can pay Epson to write a driver script. How difficult could that be and how much could they charge for a driver script?
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I did email Epson, suggesting and they never did respond. If you think Mac OSX 10.5, is a dead horse, wait until you download the latest Snow OS 10. 6.4.all you get is one choice, SC3000 (new) or SC3000. I installed both. That's it and now my Print Queue. shows my printer is now printing file but nothing happens with the printer..Why did Apple go to the intel. There are also many third party application that are now useless with the new set up. I now have dead printer. Hmmm should I put it on a political ballot? - 4nicks
Go to and drill down through technical support. You will be able to email them with your request. Good luck.
Hope this helps.
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I am in the same boat. I have emailed Epson... will let you know what I find out.
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Ditto Ditto hear hear. My comment to Epson - write a driver or lose graphics pro customer(s). There's no excuse. Especially kudos to whoever wrote "Who can afford to buy a printer every 2-3 years"? I have had one printer for 18 years - it still works just fine. Epson - If you want us to buy from you again please fix this.
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There are two solutions to this problem, neither are ideal but it does mean you can keep using your trusty old 3000.

1. I have an old G4 which I have left running OSX 10.4 so that I can use it as a print server. If I'm not printing it sits dormant, I only fire it up when printing stuff off, works perfectly. I appreciate not everyone has an old computer lying around or the space - but if you have it's the easiest way around the problem. Buy a cheap G3 or G4 off ebay for this, probably the same price as a printer or cheaper plus you could use it for back-ups, the kids or anything else!

2. I can get my 10.5 mac to print to the 3000 using the old Epson driver, but it is a fiddle. The downside is that you don't get all the quality settings showing up so unfortunately it wont print to the highest quality, but for text and things like that it's fine. Send a job to print, use the Gutenprint v5.1.3 driver. At this point the print file probably sits in the print queue spooling for ever, leave it doing that. Now go to the Epson site and download the latest driver. I keep the epson10860.dmg file available to save constantly downloading it. Now install the driver. Restart the machine and your printer will now print the spooled job and any others until you shut down. Repeat the process when you restart the machine. It may work if you set up a script to install the driver every time you shut down, thereby each time you boot up is immediately after you've reinstalled the driver - but I haven't got around to trying it.

I'm fed up with Epson not writing new drivers. The 3000 and 5000 were really good machines with high capacity cartridges. These days we're forced to buy printers with 10 or 11 tiny carts, how much does that cost to run? and really is unnecessary for standard printouts of design work for proof reading etc. Does anyone know of a printer that has large capacity carts equivalent to the old 3000?
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AT first, I had trouble with the black printer and I noticed that the colors were faded. This only happened with Macs intel OS10.6. With my PPC tiger.No problem at all. I did send for the Epson cleaning kit, tried that, still no luck.. I now have the SC3000 apart, using, the service manual instructions.did the pump test.Etc. Finally all heads were printing but still all washed out. I decided to do a printer alone test... What do you know? all 4/Cs were all sharp the nozzles test were all perfect...Now I know it's my Mac pro.that the problem.. The driver that Apple includes will not work as it did with the PPCs.
I did write to Epson tech dept. I.m waiting. But I don't except much.. you're just dog meat after 10 years.
I am willing to pay as much as $10.00 for an online download, if Epson would provide a driver. So maybe if enough of us write to Epson, we may get lucky.
Just before I retired as a Litho prepress craftsman. I was too old to be trained for the new digital tech that made it's entrance. I missed working with the graphic arts. In '94 the cost of a PPC 6100,extra ram,AV card, Monitor 15". A canon 800/820 printer, which 6 months later became obsolete.Plus SoftWare. Cost over $5000.00. ( will break down by request).
Now as a amateur Illustrator, I wanted to create poster size. The only printer available was "Mannesmann Tally T7070. For mac users,it cost an extra $100.00. which was a GDT kit later became Style Script to covert any Quick draw printer to Postscript It came with a cable, a set of Floppies, an a user's guide. every time on restart. you lost the postscript access. It uses a canon engine using Canon's BC-20 cartridges. Neither Tally or cannon would give me a cross over.hoping I may use with my Mac.( Yes I tried this site also.) and it would only print @ 360 DPIs. @ years later. I fell in love with the SC 3000 and it has served me well.
One advantage we Snow/leopard users have is we can also use Windows up to OS 7
I know Tally has drivers up to XP pro and I haven't checked Epson yet for a Window driver for my SC3000. What a shame all 3 printers still wok great.
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It seems the only way to use My 3000 is to install Windows XP, Either Boot Camp or Paralles will do. I was curious, I borrowed my nephews XP software. I went to Epson's support,chose printer drivers, selected SC3000. clicked on Windows version. I downloaded the XP driver. OK at first I had a hard time.( That's why I'm A Mac user.). but finally I got my faithful SC3000 to print in all the vivid colors as I had in my PPC OS 10.4.11. Now I have to go to my local library and study those Windows XP user books. or Apple's info how to transfer my mac files to print only with the Windows driver. I hope this helps
But i did suggest to Epson that I'm sure most of us Snow/leopard users would pay as much as $10.00 for a online download for an upgrade driver. I even suggested to license to a third party.
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Hey All Mac users there is a solution its by Printfab the have a driver and color rip for your epson 3000. Works fine i have been told. Only problem is you have o buy it. Do a google search for Printfab.

Paul Keech
The Inkjet Doctor
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What a huge disappointment!!! I,ve been using my SC3000 for years and it still works like a charm. How about it Epson, will you continue to support your customers?

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