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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP CLJ 2840 wont complete boot

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We have had a HP color Laser Jet 2840 for about 3 years now. We have it set up at home networked, and is used by two cpu's. The printer is barely used, printing about 500-1000 pages over the last 3 years. I love this printer, compared to all the crappy inkjets i've owned in the past, this blows it away.

I turned the printer on after being away all weekend and having shut it off, the printer lcd shows the hp name and then the scrolling bars with the flashing orange and green leds. The drum rotates and cycles making the normal start-up noises. Then, the lcd goes blank, no led lights, no scanner lights are on if i lift the lid. All buttons are non-responsive and I cannot print or get into the web based tool box or whatever its called. If I leave the printer on, every hour or so, it does the normal drum rotation/cycle, but the lcd still doesnt come back on and i cannot print.

My thoughts are either some sort of firmware problem, or maybe something is burnt out in the control panel?

Any ideas?


Any ideas?
by nuke3ae on Jan 8, 2009 at 10:05am Add comment
Open the drop down tray of tray 1 and load some paper. With the printer on for about 3 minutes press the engine test button which is on the left side just below the front cover. If the printer prints a page with lines on it then the engine is working and the formatter is probably bad. If it does not print the engine test then the engine controller could be bad or the formatter. In any case repair will probably cost more than the printer is worth as the formatter is pricey.
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Check out this thread
I think your problem is covered by the service note that expires in a little over a week. So, you need to hurry or it will cost you.
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Good call Moe as I forgot about that issue. The reason I forgot is your dates are wrong. The note expired on 12/31/2007 so I have not seen one in a while. Moe is 100\% correct about your problem as the issue is the lvps which needs to be replaced. A pain and pricey item.
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i'm currently working on a machine that's doing exactly this.

moe, dmzcompute, the link above points to a thread whereby the machine was having power problem and it's seemingly different from this one.

can you confirm that it's still the psu and not the formatter problem?

also according to this thread,

has anyone fixed one of these and confirmed it to be the formatter or the psu?

need help as soon as possible. thank you.

edit: sorry, i like to make a correction. the machine i'm working on, the lcd display doesn't go off. it's stuck on displaying hewlwtt packard and running cursor at the bottom line.
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Those are the exact symptoms of a power supply. That's why I mentioned it the first time. Those are expensive and hard to replace now that the warranty is up. Probably be better off getting another printer.
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thanks, moe. just need to confirm as the symtonm is pointing towards the formatter. even the hp tech in the link i provided thought it was the formatter. but ofcourse that was in 2007 and they probably did not know about the psu problem yet at that time.
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