asked Dec 28, 2008 at 8:21am
Hp HP OfficeJet 5610

Printer stops printing

Just received a new Officejet 5610. After installation on XP the printer worked fine, but after a few days I installed the fax function using the wizard. All worked fine until I tried to print. The document appears in the que window for the printer in Windows. There is no error and the printer isn't offline or in the pause mode. There simply isn't any output from the printer.
Reinstalled the printer software using a new usb cord and a different usb port. All works fine until after I send a fax. Once again, the printer doesn't put anything out-I reiterate, no errors.
Installed the hp diagnostic program and see that there's a que problem. After requesting that the program repair the problem I can get the printer to print out the documents after restarting the computer.
Once again, there are no problems if I don't use the fax.
The fax is connected to a dedicated phone line. Internet is through a dsl modem on another phone line.
Can't seem to find any info about this particular malfunction on the net or in HP's knowledge base.