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I have aquired an epson 1520 a3 printer but have no disk etc to install it. I have downloaded the drivers from the internet and when I turn on the printer it will run the paper through but nothing is printed on it.It will not let me do a head cleaning or print out check.Would be grateful for any suggestions.
When you say that it will run paper through do you mean when you send a print job? Are any lights on? If we assume that one of the ink lights is on and you are running paper through with the paper button, then you are out of one or more inks. If no ink lights are on and paper feeds when you send a job, then you likely have a clogged printhead. If one of your ink lights is blinking, then that ink is low and the printer will not do a cleaning by design.
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Thanks for your help but I dont get any of the lights on you mention. I did at first but all I get now is the paper out light although the paper is in the printer ready to be printed - noradick
Please redescribe your problem(s) in more detail.
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Since the last time I emailed you I have now got to the stage where
printer starts up okay with just the operate light on; no problems with any other lights.When I try to print everything seems ok ie page set up then the print button in fact just the same as my 1290
printer.However it just will not print and no message or any indication why not.Not sure what else to try.

Many thanks for trying to help. - noradick
When you send a file to the printer, does the printer act as though it is printing (printhead carriage motion and slow paper feed) or does it just send the paper through quickly? - Scotty
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At first the printer acted as though it was printing but now nothing happens.I have not got an installation disc and have downloaded the drivers so this could be the trouble.

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Assuming you are on a PC, the driver included wih your operating system and is automatically installed when Windows detects a new printer will work fine. I'm unclear about the status of your printer. Do you stiil have the same indications; that is, only the operate light is on and there is no printer activity at all when a file is sent to the printer? Correct? - Scotty
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The last time I tried it the paper out light came on as soon as I switched it on. I have owned several printers at present a 1290 epson and an RX 620 epson. So I am not stuck without a printer but I got this one cheap [assured it was working] and just got is as a back up in case the 1290 developed any problems.This is a bit of a baffler the lights seem to change ie sometimes paper out light on and sometimes just the main operate light when I first switch it on.I have disconnected it for now as I don't seem to be getting anywhere and have some printing to catch up on.Thanks to all who tried to help.
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Ok, now I think I know what the problem is. I suspect that there is not much of a problem with your printer. What I think is going on is that the media (paper) detect switch is not being activated before the printer's firmware decides that no paper was fed and thus the Paper Out light. The firmware of the 1520 only allows a small window of time for the media edge to activate the front media detect switch.

What is really the problem is slick paper pickup rubbers and a dirty platen; as a result the media is not being picked up and fed quickly enough. The printer won't extinguish the Paper Out lamp until a successful media feed. This is a VERY common problem with these printers. The fix I use for this problem is something I automatically do to every 1520 I work on. To get rid of the light, put some paper on the input tray and hit the pause button; you may have to do it more than once until a media feed is successful and the light goes out.

I've read numerous posts from other users that circumvent this problem by feeding the paper at the rear of the printer (not the tractor feed, check your User Manual). This method gets a big help from gravity. The drawback to this is that only one piece can be positioned there at a time; can't put a stack of paper there.

- Scotty
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