asked Dec 9, 2008 at 4:29pm
Epson Epson LQ 800

Epson Stylus 800 (original; not color) Ink Out

This is driving me freakin' mad, and I just got the cartridge a couple hours ago!

I acquired an ancient Epson Stylus 800 black-and-white printer out of a shack of ancient abandoned computer parts. Long out of service and plugged full of dirt. I tore the thing completely apart, using the service manual I found with a quick Google. I cleaned every single piece, including cleaning the crap out of the print head and maintenance area. Now I've encountered a major problem, it won't take ink!

First, it keeps saying "Ink Out". The only way I can get around this temporarily is to "change cartridge" (hold alt for 5 seconds), take out the cartridge, hit alt (it goes back and knows there's no cart), hold alt again, and reinsert the cartridge. It does the whole "new cartridge initialization" (the ink-out light extinguishes when I put the cartridge back in), and then acts like everything is good-to-go.

But when I send something to the printer, it'll suck in a page, "print" maybe one line (although no ink ends up on the page), then spit out the page and show "Ink Out" again. I reset that again by taking out the cartridge, "putting in" no cartridge, then putting the cartridge back in. Otherwise it just acts like there's no cartridge, or no change. Rage!

I can't even get it to do a head cleaning. If I do the "reset dance", then try Alt+Pause, it IMMEDIATELY illuminates the "Ink Out" light and doesn't do anything but beep.

Is there a secondary ink sensor in the head, and maybe the head just doesn't have ink, or is still clogged, or something?

Quite frustrating. :(
Oh well, it's going in the garbage (or the recyclers, more likely). I thought it would be a bright idea to try taking apart the head and I seem to have broken a very thin piece of glass or similar, and totally ruined the head. Then the printer started acting all sorts of weird - now it's stuck in a cartridge-initialization loop whenever I turn it on. It'll initialize the cartridge, then instead of actually stopping and giving ready or error, it just starts initializing the cartridge again, with just the pause light blinking.

*sigh* It's a goner, but at least I didn't spend much money on the ink cartridge - only $4 shipped on eBay. =\\
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