asked Dec 4, 2008 at 10:30pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100TN

HP Laserjet 4100TN won't print anymore

I need help troubleshotting my printer

A couple of years ago I was given an old HP Laserjet 4100TN. Inmediately I reseted its networking settings, and installed it in my home network without problems. I also configured my router to always give it IP address, based on its MAC address. Months ago the key "Item" on the control panel stopped working. not a big deal at that time, but just yesterday, it stopped printing at all.

The printer will start as normal. The control panel shows "READY" as usual, but when sending anything to the printer (via network), the printer will not do anthing. I tried pinging its IP address without success. I changed the ethernet cable with same results. I connected it via LPT port, and when sending something to the printer, I can see the control panel shows the normal "PROCESSING JOB" for an instant but right away goes
back to the "READY" screen.

Any advice on this?
Remove the jetdirect card and try again. There has been alot of issues with the 600 series jetdirects. I personal only use the 620 when replacing. Doesnt usually screw up the lpt port though. If you still cant print then perform a cold reset press and hold the go button while powering on, will reset the jetdirect to factory defaults to if in machine so beware. Our remove any extra memory. So it does print a test page and doesnt show the network config? That is a foresure sign the card isnt working right. As far as the control panel buttons not working its a common problem it most likely just needs taken apart and the contacts cleaned out and restored. the metal contacts get a film on them and stop making proper contact with the board.
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