asked Nov 26, 2008 at 9:01am
Canon Canon Pixma MP750

canon MP750 error 357

I can't find the meaning of this message. Does anyone have a clue to what's wrong?
gudnaes,... According to the Service Manual for the MP750, the 357 error is "ASF Paper Feed (AP) position error".

##357 ASF paper feed (AP) position error
Cause: An error occurs at the AP positioning in the ASF (Auto Sheet Feeder) unit.
Solution: (1) To reboot, press [OK] button or turn off and then on the power.
(2) Replace the SHEET FEED ASS’Y.
(3) Replace the SPCNT board.

You can do the steps in (1) above but to do the others you need to get the unit apart and remove either the ASF unit or the logic card. If you don't have luck fixing the position error, send me an email to my USER ID and I'll tell you about my Repair Manual for the MP750
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