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Epson Pro XL stuck in cleaning mode

Hello everybody,

I have a Epson Stylus Pro XL that stopped working suddenly, not long after I started using refilled ink tanks (no I know better!). I switched to new ink tanks, but it's now stuck in what I believe to be a 'cleaning cycle':

When I turn the printer on, the print head moves back and forth, the roller rolls but no paper is taken. The head goes back to the pad area, it makes some noise 10-15 times (which I believe is cleaning the head) while the rollers move a bit. Eventually the head moves again, then back to the pad area and shutdown. There a 2 sec pause, and it turns itself on again, and starts the cycle all over again. I tried letting this cycle go for over 15 times, but no change.

I just flushed the heads with alcohol very well, and made sure the pads drained... But no difference. The ink seems to be flowing since the pad get inked up.

Any suggestions? I really like the printer, great resolution on large sheets... Would cost a fortune to replace nowadays.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Marc,
I'm having the same problem (tho mine is not the XL version)and was anxiously awaiting the solution to the problem when I saw your post.
It all started when doing a clean and flush of the print heads to try to get the color head to print.
I removed the memory back-up battery on the main circuit board and left the printer unplugged for several days, hoping that it would re-set itself. So far, no luck.
If I come up with a solution, will let you know.

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