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Canon Canon Pixma IP3000

Canon IP3000 - Refusing to print black


I have a Canon IP3000 that is refusing to print black no matter what I do, We have several of these so I've tried swapping parts around with no success.

First of all I tried swapping the cartridges with no effect, after that I tried swapping the print head but that also had no effect. I've since put the print head from the faulty printer into another one and it worked perfectly and the same goes for the cartridge.

I've also tried the various cleaning routines and an EEPROM reset but that also had no effect.

Is there anything else anyone can suggest?
Jamman960,... I think I know what your problem is. Here is a test we can do to try and veryify the problem. I think your Purge unit has either a clogged or broken/open suction tube from the suction unit to the Black Ink pad in the Purge Unit. If this tube is open, no ink can be sucked from the printhead down to the the purge unit. As a result you can not print any black. No suction, no ink,... no prints.

Open the cover and wait till the head comes to the center, then pull the power cord out. Now you can move the printhead by hand out of your way. Move it to the left side of the printer.

Now get a syringe and need, or an Eye dropper and some Windex or just hot water. Add several drops of water to both ink pad which are inside and to the right of the printer. These are the rectangular and square ink pads. They should both be black with ink. Once they are flooded, plug the power back and close the cover and once it fully cycles, turn the power off. Wait a few minutes and turn the power back on. Open the cover and when the head comes to the center, use a flashlight to check both ink pads. You may have to repeat the process a couple of time to get both pads clear of ink and close to white. Once you
do get either one (especially the one of the left which is the Black ink pad) clean and near white, go into the printer maint.
section and run a Deep cleaning cycle on all colors. ONce that
is done, open the cover and inspect both ink pads. There should be black ink on the left pad. If it is still white, then you know you have a purge Unit problem. If it is wet with ink, then it could be several other problems including electronics.

You need to print a nozzle check and tell me about the results of all of this testing.
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My Canon IP3000 was refusing to print colour (though it can still print black), so I tried the above test. I inspected the two ink pads after doing some windex cleaning and then a clean as described above. The pads are wet with ink after the clean, and a nozzle check prints the black fine but none of the colours are printed on the page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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My problem is intermittent. I can sometimes print black or documents in grayscale and sometimes I can't. This occurs trying to print the very same document. Sometimes the printer goes through the printing motions but no black ink is applied to the page.

However, if I run the cleaning maintenance on the machine, it works fine and then I am able to print in grayscale just fine.

Possibly a red herring, but the problem seems to happen after my husband spools something to the printer from his Mac. His print quality is always quite bad or doesn't print at all, while mine is fine most of the time, including all the cleaning and alignment tests.

We did change the ink absorbers ourselves from advice on this site early in the year or late last year.

Is this related to this thread issue? Any other ideas?
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I get a nozzle check to print the balck pattern ( i dont have colors) but when I try to do a test print page or any other printing it fails to print anything

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