asked Sep 5, 2000 at 5:01pm
Unknown Printer

Laserwriter 300 & multiple error messages

I had not used my Laserwriter 300 for a while since I have been doing a lot of color work and was on vacation. When trying to use it now I get 3-4 different messages when trying to print. The printmonitor identifies the printer & captures the image 100\%. Then the 1st message I get is that the wrong sized paper is in the cassette. I use only letter size and have never changed it. Then I get the message that the cassette is in wrong even if I didn't take it out. Then I get the message that the fuser assembly is malfunctioning and I need to contact service. Then sometimes I get the message that the scanner isn't working. I have gotten a single message about problems in the past & been able to handle it with no problem, but these messages come one after the other when I hit the continue button. Is this machine totally wacky? Can I do something with it? Any help would be appreciated.
Mike Ireland
I think the printer is FUBAR. Time to upgrade. I'd suggest the HP2100M. Stay away from the Brother, Lexmark, NEC offerings. They sell them cheap for a lot of good reasons. Good for them anyway. Of course if you don't want to spend a whole lot of money, there are some good used printers available. Again, don't buy anything that doesn't use a Canon engine.
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