asked Sep 2, 2002 at 2:07am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP laserjet 4 not working


I've bought a secondhand laserjet 4 e few weeks a go. I've installed the printer and it was working. But after 2 weeks not using the printer it didn't work anymore???? But the printer prints it's own testprints. But when I trie to print from the computer it does not print. The print tasks stay in the taskschedular??

Does anyone has a solution for me...
I can't recall ever seeing a communications port fail in an HP4. I'd be more inclined to blame either the cable, the i/o in the computer or possibly a driver. Make sure all the connections are on tight and try a print from DOS. This will eliminate any driver or software problems. If you have another computer you can try it on, do so.
by moe on Sep 2, 2002 at 9:05am Add comment