asked Oct 23, 2008 at 10:57am
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Laserjet 2200d prints toner spots

It's been awhile since visiting this site. I purchased some repair parts for an old Apple LaserWriter which got it back up and running. Now I have a new challenge:

I just replaced the toner in my Laserjet 2200d and it began printing small spots in various parts of the page (primarily on the right 2" of the page). I tried another cartridge and it still does the same thing. Any ideas?

Since we don't know the source of the toner cartridge (new or remanufactured), feed a test page from the MF tray. When you see the end of the page go into the printer, lift the lid. If the spots are visible on the paper, it's the toner cartridge. If they aren't, it is the fixing film in the fuser assy.
by moe on Oct 23, 2008 at 11:46am Add comment
Okay...I tried that. No spots, so it must be the fixing film in the fuser assembly. I'm guessing the Fixing Film Kit will take care of the problem?

What's interesting is that the previous toner cartridge didn't have the "spotting" problem, but would print a "ghost" image down the page. I was told that it was the drum in the cartridge.

Previous cartridge was OEM; replacements are remanufactured.

Thanks - bfullmer