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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 Red Dots on pages

I was having blank right hand side printing problems on pages. Re-aligning the (R)cartridge drum carousel gear fixed the problem. That was alot of work, but printing returned to normal. I then refilled the magenta toner cartridge and and while all toner cartriges were out of the carousel I basically blew out all the extra toner that drops down into the machine under the carousel. I reinstalled all cartridges and every thing works fine again but now I have what looks like small red uneven blotches down the center and left side of the page. it looks like they were caused by some liquid spray getting on some rollers making a defect while printing. (I did'nt use any liquid in the maintenance) but I cant figure out if its on the toner cartridge roller, the drum (just replaced) or the dust laser mirror? I previously had a problem with vertical yellow line on printing replacing the yellow cartridge fixed that. Can anyone help. This hp 2840 has like demonic problems I agree with some that it is a printer from hell. Its one of many one after another problems I have encountered since buying it. I noticed a girl posted a similar problem but did not give printer specs so no help received.(someone even referred her to a psycic. Ho!) This is an HP 2840 color Laserjet. (these dots are pretty regular in repetition).I also looked at the roller on the magenta cartridge and couldn't see any obvious defects. please reciprocate...

Measure between the defects and match it to one of the items below.
That should be where your problem is. They also need to line up with each other, if they are offset to the right or left it is not the same defect.

Pre-ICL roller 22.1 mm (.87 inches)
Developer sleeve 33.9 mm (1.33 inches)
ICL roller and Charge roller ICL Roller 37.9 mm (1.49 inches)
charge roller 38.1 mm (1.50 inches)
RS roller 41.9 mm (1.65 inches)
T1 transfer 44.3 mm (1.74 inches)
T2 transfer 56.9 mm (2.24 inches)
Pressure roller 66.6 mm (2.62 inches)
Fuser film 75.6 mm (2.98 inches)
Transfer belt drive roller 89.0 mm (3.50 inches)
Transfer belt tension roller 90.0 mm (3.54 inches)
Cartridge drum 148.3 mm (5.84 inches)
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Hmmm... o.k., I'm taking a look & on second inspection of these dots, I mentioned that they are regular in (appearance). Also not centered and to the left, but in one vertical band down the center & one vertical band to the (right). Actually the only regular measurement I get is the distance horizontally between the two bands of irregular splotches. The bands are approx. 3/4 & 1" in width w/no definite vertical line to outline the bands. There is no pattern or meaurements between the splotches. they are random and of different sizes(1/32~1/4") and all sizes and shapes in between. Like if you've ever sponge painted on paper they are shaped and sized like the holes on a sponge and look like they were applied wet just like [that] art process (only in this case, rolled on/not dabbed on). I printed out over 20 pages to look for any pattern but could not find one instance finding something that might indicate it was coming from any particular roller of any component. No repetitious pattern at all to reference from. Any ways I took the whole mess apart again. Every
cartridge. I inspected all rollers on the cartridges and looked for any defects, nothing. However, there was a lot of excess magenta dusting on all surfaces inside.(I mentioned I had just refilled an oem cartridge with non oem magenta toner, but it was toner I've used before with no problem, did'nt I?) (I chose at this time to vacume out and clean the whole inside of the printer) Also this was the first refill for this cartridge. But could not find were it was leaking from. Then I checked to see that both gears on the carousel(R&L) were in proper alignment & timing. Affirmative. Then removed & checked the fuser rollers both & saw no evidence of contamination. Also the paper tray intake rollers intake & transfer rollers all O.K. I checked for any liquid that might be leaking from some place, figure this liquid effect might actually be some electromagnetic anomally somewhere, maybe in the magenta cartridge itself? The fuser just fixes it into the paper? Now I peered into any place that had a roller or came in contact W/ the paper with a bright light, no obvious defects. Put it all back together and got the same pattern. Also checked to see if this pattern happened while printing black only, it did not. Only while printing color. Maybe I should write a book. I'm tempted to go buy a new magenta cartridge but am stubbornly going to wait for a solution from you all before I pay 60 $'s more on this money pit. Any help out there? Reciprocate asap please..... - Anonymous

I'm going to bet its the cartridge then, did you empty out the waste toner?

If it was something on one of the rollers it would be on the defect list above. That leaves cartridge putting out toner randomly, or there is something that you are missing when your putting the printer or cartridge back together.
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