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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R280

Epson Stylus Photo R280 ink frustration

Well, I love my R280. Up until I started running out of ink... or so it said...

This printer seems to treat ink like it only costs $1 at the dollar store... cartridge runs out of ink, no biggie, just grab another! For a guy that lives on laser printers, this inkjet crap is... absolutely... garbage.

So here's the problem. I'd been running on the original inks for about 120 CD prints and 3-4 photo prints. I ran out of ink and replaced it like usual. I found a good deal on genuine Epson "77" ink cartridges on eBay, so I bought three colors - two I was out of, and one I figured I'd need soon. I replaced the two colors - Yellow and Light Cyan - with high capacity "77" cartridges. Well, it recognized the yellow one as full right off the bat, woohoo.

Then the trouble started... I installed the Light Cyan "77" cartridge, and the "ink" light stayed on. Status Monitor showed the most interesting graphic:
All the cartridges except Light Cyan are greyed out, with Light Cyan showing a graphic that look like partially-greyed-out full with an "X" over it. Almost as if to imply "I see it, but I don't want it".

Clicking "Information" slowly pops up the following correct information:

And it still won't print. I really need to get back to printing. I contacted Epson support, and after 21 minutes on tech support with someone who spoke a level of English I suppose I should be thankful for, the representative ordered me a replacement of the two cartridges that I just replaced, saying they were defective.

So that leaves me with... uh... a *FULL* $20 Light Cyan cartridge, with the potential to work, that doesn't work. Wuh? Oh man, this is not justice. There has to be a way around this. Isn't there?
Bump... I still don't have replacement ink, and my printer still doesn't print. It's really getting to be a problem, since my printer actually helps me make some side income that now no longer exists.

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