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Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP Laserjet 5Si Paper Late Jam

Hi All,

I recently picked up a 5Si with 177,250 pages on it. I am able to print single pages from all 3 trays, but when I start printing multiple pages i am getting paper jams.

The jams happen after the Fuser. What will happen is that one page will make almost all the way into the top ejection tray and then the one behind it will accordian fold coming out of the fuser.

I checked the error log and I have a ton of 13.01.02 Paper Feed 2, Paper Late Jam errors as well as some 13.01.03 Fuser Output, Paper Late Jam and 41.03.00 PCL errors.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am not very knowledgeable with this printer. I do have the service manual and am able to follow any instructions given and would be again very appreciative of any advice.



*Edit I also just noticed that there is recently a 13.01.04 fuser output paper stopped jam.

*Second Edit - Figured out the PCL error. Someone had tried to print on notebook paper to save paper... Normal size paper still produces the above issues.
open the jam removal gate on the fuser assembly and see if there is toner baked onto the surface of the upper roll.

you may need to replace the fuser assembly.

check the pickup and feed rolls for tray 2 and 3
they are probably ready to be changed.

clean all rubber rolls with cleaner found on this site.

wipe out interior carefully with stretch-N-dust cloth-stay away from transfer roll!!

These are good machines- we just retired one with 3 million prints.
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