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Help: Epson Stylus 740 Color Printer

Hello to everyone on the forum..I'm hoping that someone could help me out with my problem..I have an Epson Stylus 740 color printer..Now I know that this is a very old printer, but too be honest with you I've only used this printer a few times..The printer is still brand new..I've just recently started to use the printer from time to time.

I was trying to print out some pictures for my nephew to color..I never put more than 10 sheets of paper at once in the loading tray, but this time I figured I would put more than usual..As the paper began feeding they ended up getting jammed..The idiot that I am..Instead of pressing the paper feed button..I manually pulled out the sheet of paper that was stuck halfway inside and halfway outside the printer..Now when I go to print something the printer does something totally bizzare..As the paper feeds to print, the paper goes through the printer like normal, but nothing prints and then the paper stays half inside the printer and half outside the printer..Then the red light comes on the printer saying that the document has jammed..The paper itself is not crunched up, or anything like that..It's perfectly fine and again nothing prints..The red light on the paper symbol stays a solid red and the power button is a flashing green..There are no other lights on..I tried powering off the printer in hopes that it would reset everything, but that didn't work.

-(I also tried this from another post I found in a search):

"TRY RUNNING THE PRINTER AS A "STAND ALONE PRINTER", NOT CONNECTED TO A PC: Unhook the "printer cable" from the back of the printer. The power cord would still be plugged in to the wall. With paper loaded normally, turn the printer off for 10 seconds, or so.This is done to clear out any remaining DATA/INFORMATION that may still have been in the printers system, from when the PC was previously connected. NOW THE PRINTER IS OFF, THE POWER CORD IS STILL PLUGGED INTO THE WALL OUTLET AND THERE IS PAPER LOADED NORMALLY.Use one finger to press-in and hold-in on the center "Paper Button" [the button with the picture of a piece of paper next to it].While holding in on that button, reach over with a different finger and turn on the "Power Button/Switch", like you normally would.Don't hold-in on the power button, but continue to hold-in on the paper button. You will continue to hold-in on the paper button while the printer is initializing/turning on. In about 3 to 5 seconds you will normally hear and see the printer start to pull in a piece of paper.When you hear and see that happen, then release the paper button...IF EVERYTHING IS WORKING CORRECTLY IN THE PRINTERS "PAPER FEED ASSEMBLY", THEN AN "INTERNAL EPSON SELF-TEST COPY" SHOULD BE PRINTED OUT AND CORRECTLY FED THRU THE PRINTER"

Unfortunately after trying the step above..It still does the same thing..I don't know what else to do..If there is anyone who could please HELP ME!! that would be greatly appreciated..Sorry for the very long post..Thanks for your time and patience everyone.
There is a switch that tells the printer that the paper has entered the printer. When you pull a piece of paper out of the printer from the top it puts a lot of pressure on that little piece of plastic. The kind of problems that this usually causes are a small scrap of paper keeping the switch in the wrong position, the switch actuator being knocked loose or the actuator being broken. You can usually see where the actuator is by looking (with a flashlight) toward the right side of the inside of the printer and just behind where the carriage moves across. There should be a small slot in a plate that the paper rides on and the thin piece of black plastic that is the actuator should stick up through this slot. If it's bent but not broken you can try to bend it back.
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Hey there MMurray thank u so much for your help..It's greatly appreciated..Ok I did what u asked me to..Basically what I did was I pushed the ink button to move the carriage all the way to the left side and pulled the power cord..That way I could get a better look of the area u r talking to me about with the carriage out of the way..Keep in mind MMurray I'm a novice when it comes to printers and computers..I apologize for this and don't mean to make it harder on u..I c the little black actuator that u r talking about and it seems to be fine..It's sticking straight up..Any other suggestions, or advice..Your time and patience is greatly appreciated..Like I said it's such a shame as the printer is still brand new never used..Also if it helps at all..When I pulled the paper out from the bottom when it originally jammed..They came out intact..So I'm almost positive that there r no loose scraps of paper inside..Please Help!!
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The only other thing that makes sense to me is that maybe the paper feed section got out of alignment when you pulled the paper out. If the paper doesn't hit that switch at the right time you get the problem you're having. Sometimes it will go back into alignment itself if you "help" the paper feed a couple of times by pushing on the paper. You can also try cleaning the rubber feed roller (I use Windex if I don't have special cleaner with me). It probably isn't worth taking it to a shop if you can't get it running, as the cost would replace it. Given the fact that you don't use your printer often, I wouldn't recommend an Epson as a replacement. The current models clog up if unused for a month or so.
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