asked Sep 29, 2008 at 7:50pm
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

HP LaserJet 6P Problem

I'm having problems with my HP LaserJet 6p. Anything I print comes out as gibberish. The only exception is when I print a test page via the printer buttons. I've tried it on two different XP machines with no luck. On the second machine, I reinstalled the driver and printed a test page from the installation wizard and I finally had to shut down the printer after about the 16th blank and/or matrix looking page. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have never had a problem with this printer and love it. It's been an absolute workhorse for me.
First thing would be to try another cable and if that does not work do a dos print to see if communication is ok. To do a dos print go to start run cmd and hit enter. At the prompt type cd\\windows and hit enter. Now type dir >> lpt1 and hit enter. If the printer prints a directory of windows then you still have a driver issue plain and simple. If it does not then the cable or the port/formatter on the printer has an issue.
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