asked Dec 29, 2000 at 4:45pm
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missing power cord

I Was sent an HP Officejet R40 printer/scanner from my niece in Portland,Or. last month. However,
she failed to send the power cord with it and now can't find it. Also she doesn't know where the software is for the machine. I need replacements for these items. If anyone has info please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
You should be able to use any universal computer power cord...most likely the power supply unit on the back of your printer has a 3 prong male fitting. Just find a 3 prong female plug and be sure the other half is a normal 3 prong male to go into your wall outlet or power strip. It's important to be sure it is three prong to properly ground your printer. Sorry I have no information on the software maybe others can help.
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Although the cord does have a different end that connects to the printer, itself. I happen to have one that was from a previous printer. I also have one with a universal removable ends that work also. You may try Craigslist.com for your area or possibly a goodwill computer store.
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You can get information on this web page for setting up your printer.

The HP part number is 0950-3807. You can get all you want on Ebay. I don't recommend trying to use anything but an HP original.
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look at back of printer has it the same power input socket as your computer and monitor if so they are 10 a penny dont by a new one just go to your local second hand market and pick one up for pence
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