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Hp HP OfficeJet G85

Hp officejet g85 - Incorrect colour cartridge

My G85 is complaining about and incorrect colour cartdgrige installed. This started when I purchased a new cartidge, however, if I reinstalled the empty one, there was no error .... I was still able to print in mono ........ Now, the error is there all the time .... new or old cartridge ...... is there any way to disble the check on the colour cartridge? Printer is still in good shape .....

First, NEVER use a refurbished color cartridge. Since your OLD color cartridge is also now giving you the "remove and check color cartridge" error, then the cartridge itself can't be the entire problem. Here is what I suggest:

1. Get rubbing alcohol on a Q tip cotton swab and rub it gently on ends of the gold contacts in the carriage. There will probably be significant amount of ink overspray. While you are at it, you might want to do the black side, too. Keep going with additional swabs until the swab is clean after wiping is done.

2. Wipe the contact copper area on the back of each cartridge with rubbing alcohol on a swab or facial tissue.

3. Reinsert cartridge. If you still get a "remove and check color cartridge" error, then wiggle the cartridge in and out a couple of times and insert a bit firmly, then put the top down onto it.

4. If all of the above fails, replace the carriage itself or (more easily) the entire carriage assembly.

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HP G85 .Is there anyway to make it print only in black.Everytime
I install new color cartridge ,after a while it gets dried up by lack of use.
The error message says check color cartridge. Please do you know how to reset the printer to facory settings and start over,remove all error messages

My second G85 printer it says check black cartridge all the time ,but the printer works but fax doesnt.
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I don't know of any way to make the printer ignore the color cartridge.

On the other printer clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges and carriage with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that fails to clear the error one of the cartridges may be defective with the black being the primary suspect.
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I have a used G85 and have never had to replace ink cartidge. Where the heck do I put them? Lost the manual some time ago and can't find the info at HP.com Thanks!
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Go to item 10 on this web page.
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