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Unknown Printer

LaserJet 4P 51 & 41.2

Happy New Year all,

A LaerJet 4MP with ~16k page count developed
repetetive 51 and now 41.2 errors after replacement
of the cartridge.

It is not feeding multiple pages and the paper size
is set correctly.

From this 8/30 link
it looks like this may be the scanner.

Are there any further tests I should perform before

Tom S.

Pull out the toner cartrige. Looking at the leading end of it, you should see a plastic tab protruding from it just to the right of center. This tab opens up the shutter on the laser scanner assembly. If it were broken off, it would give you problems. Other than that, the 51 is a beam detect error and you'll need a scanner assy. We've got a few in stock. email me if you want one.
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Thank you for the reply.

The tab is present on the toner cartridge, and the mechanism is working properly.

After cleaning and finding a small fragment of paper in the rear, I am not receiving any more 51 errors. Only 41.2.

Here is what happens:
Power on, printer has been off for several days.
Continuous Self Test
38 pages, then partial with error 41.2
31 pages, then partial with 41.2
partial page, w/ 41.2
partial page w/ 41.2
1 page, then partial with 41.2

Are concise instructions available to locate the connection rreferred to by the troubleshooting guide?
Error 41.1 41.2 41.3
Defective connections. Reseat J205,206,207 and laser scanner connectors.
Paper multifeed or wrong size paper being used.
Paper size selection doesn't match the paper being used.
Cassette is overfull or improperly adjusted.

I have been able to remove the cover, but just how far should a non-printer expert go?

Just to repeat, No paper multifeeds, right size in config & tray, and cassette is half full with fresh paper.

Tom Sweet

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Quick Summary:

Recurring 41.2 errors on HP 4P. What is the next step?

See previous post for all details.

Thank you,

Tom Sweet

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I have almost identical problem with laserJet 4+. I read the possible fix of J205,206 and 207 but, like Tom don't know where to begin looking for them. Any directions greatly appreciated.



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