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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Laserjet 2840 Firmware Corrupt


I have a HP Laserjet 2840 running via Mac OS X.

I was installing the firmware software from the HP site.
We had a power cut midway through installation, which did not finish.
I turned the machine back on, now it reads the error on the printer: 'Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download"

It wil not start and i cannot seem to get my laptop to see my printer and it will not restrat.

I have tried reinstalling, to no avail.

Please help...
I am afraid you may have to replace the formatter. The service manaul makes note of a replacement firmware dimm but I do not think hp ever came out with it. The actual firmware chip is soldered on the formatter and I do not think there is a method to reflash the firmware when there is a power failure during upgrade. Only thing you may try which is a little trickey since you need a pc and I do not know if you can get the usb port to recongnize it with the firmware issue. If you can on the pc you would share the printer and then use the net use command to redirect lpt1 output to the usb port and then use a dos copy command to try and send the firmware upgrade to the printer. If you access to a pc and can get the computer to at least see the printer on usb report back for more detailed instructions.
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I have purchased a DIMM from HP - they still make them!!!
Now i do not seem to be able to get it to recognise it.
Or it maybe in the wrong slot, can anyone help with a step-by-step guide?
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Here are the instructions I found. Do not worry about the dates. If it does not work contact hp as they sold you the chip so they should be able to get it rectified.

Turn off the printer.

Open the memory access doors on the right hand side of the printer.

Insert the memory DIMM into the slot. Please notice the slots in the DIMM 'pins' match with the alignment features in the bottom of the DIMM slot in the printer. Small slot section is down.

After verifying that the DIMM is correctly in place, turn the printer On.

The printer will initially turn on and display Hewlett Packard on the LCD. After a short while the display will change to Erasing . After a short while, the display will change to Programming . The engine print cartridge carousel will be rotating during this time.

After a short while, the LCD will display complete : ) . The Ready LED will start flashing.

Turn Off the printer and remove the firmware recovery DIMM. Please recycle or dispose of the DIMM in accordance with local guidance. Do not return the DIMM to HP.

Power On the printer and wait until it is in a Ready state. Print a configuration test page by using the method describe in step one of this document.

Verify that the firmware datecode has been updated to 20050902.


If it works I would hold onto it or put it up on ebay as I am sure others could use it.

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I am told the formatter has gone.
Anyone know where i can get it fixed cheap?
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What's the part number for the firmware DIMM?

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I know how to solve this problem.

First you must turn your printer on and if it shows "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download", that's what we need.

If LCD screen is blank, then clear all tasks for this printer and delete its driver from "Printers and Faxes". Now turn it off and on again. Do it untill "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download" shows.


When we see "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download" we should do as follows:

(USB should stay connected)

2) Delete installed driver (if exists)

3) Manually install driver for your printer
(When choosing port, use one of "Virtual Printer Ports for USB" which is your printer connected to)

4) Run firmware update program from HP Support web page

5) In firmware update program's window choose your printer (manually installed) and press "Send Firmware" button

6) Wait for firmware to be completely sent to your printer's task window


8) First you will see "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download" message. If there is no such message, turn off and on again untill it shows. Then message will change to "Downloading...", "Erasing..." and "Programming..."

9) When all this operations end, printer'll ask you to turn it off and on.

That's all. No need to contact HP Support or buy any parts.

P.S. While "Downloading...", "Erasing..." or "Programming...", printer may hang. It's not fatal. Just repeat all operations again.
To prevent hangs use quality USB cable when updating firmware.

P.P.S. Sorry for bad english. I'm russian...
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@ [email protected]
This is amazing! Thank you so much! It worked perfectly!
I selected USB001 Virtual Port and did "Have Disk" to use drivers I downloaded from HP.
Thanks again for posting these instructions!
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I fallow your instructions regarding about how to update the firmware corrupt need 2 download my problem is from start its ok when erasing comes until here only there's any options to solve my problem. Thank you! Have a nice day!...
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First to all, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Now, I have the same issue, and follow all your steps.. but after turn on the printer, I see Downloading..., after that Erasing..., and remain there... never show the Programming... If I shut down the printer sow again the same message "waiting firmware update"

I know the post it's very old but if you can help me will be great.

Thanks in advance

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I do have the same issue as p.rikox

Stuck on Erasing.....>>>>>>>>>>

Nothing else. Tried all the steps and nothing.

Is there a fix for this ?


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