asked Sep 2, 2008 at 6:22pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

Hooking up 5si to network

Hi. I'm new to network printing and wanted to get my HP 5si attached to a router. The manual isn't helpful at all and I can't find much here or online about hooking it up. I've attached it via ethernet to my router but the router won't recognize it. How do I go about getting the network to recognize the printer and then setting it up for printing? I have a JetDirect 4100A card installed. Thanks a lot.
Try this. Have the printer connected to the network and turn off the printer. Now hold the online key down while powering on the printer until cold reset appears in the menu on the printer. When the printer comes to ready, wait about 2 minutes and they from the test menu, print a configuration page which should show any network items it configured. Hopefully it has assigned an ip address and if it has then go to the MIO menu on the printer and press item and change cfg network=no to yes by hitting the + key and do this until you get to tcp/ip setting and change the method from dhcp or bootp to manual and then change the address if you have to and you are set to go using that address to load the printer using the add printer and creating standard tcp/ip port and using the address you have. If not address shows up on the test print page, then you have a bad card or network issues.
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Depending on where you got the card, TCP/IP may also be disabled. I'm not sure on the age of your card, but some of the used JetDirect cards I've gotten for my printers had TCP/IP disabled when I got them.
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If he does the cold reset it reverts to factory defaults which is tcp/ip enabled.
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This link has a good tutorial on how to do this.

Let us know how it goes.
Rob S
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Great! Let me try some of this and I'll post on how it goes. I appreciate the help.
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