asked Sep 5, 2000 at 1:08pm
Calcomp CCL 1200ES

Calcomp printer paper jam

I have a CalComp CCL 1200ES printer and it gives me a paper jam error message, and it seems it is jamming at the end roller (the one that is really hot, I guess its the one that rolls the ink on to the paper). I was wondering if there are any compatible fix kits for this printer.


It uses the Canon BXII engine. This is the same engine as used in the HP4V printer. There could be several causes for the paper jam. It all depends on exactly where the paper is stopping. Since I can't see it I'll have to rely on your description. The fuser itself is very rarely responsible for paper jams in that engine. To be truthful, I've never seen one responsible for paper jams.
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