asked Aug 19, 2008 at 1:12pm
Epson Epson Stylus CX4800

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Last year i recieved a new printer CX4800 from my daughter for Christmas gift. Within 7 months it broke. After many hours on the phone and jumping thru their hoops Epson finally sent me a refurbished unit via Fed Ex and I sent that one back to them.
I had this one for 2 months before it went awry and had to go thru it again with Epson and finally they sent me another refurbished unit a so-called stepped up CX 7400 which went bad again and the read errors just said my ink cartridges are low and they were brand new and full. It wont print so now I will attemp to rid myself of it at my next garage sale and from now on I will never have another Epson product...now can you imagine the kind of support you would get from a refurbished returned item that after two attemps, niether functioned for more than a couple months.
The Epson company has the worst repair department I have ever seen and if they cant get anything to work for more than 2 months then you will assume major problems when you buy a new one. Printer buyers beware of Epson.
I only hope that others will heed this info. so you dont have the horrible situation I had to endure. Epson sucks.