asked Aug 22, 2002 at 1:42pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

any experience with ink4art inks?

i am growing suspicious that they may be my problem.

had my red and yellow to quit printing immediately after installing fresh cartridge. found a detailed link hereabouts that told how to take apart and clean (epson 740), did so with little improvement.

reluctantly removed color cartridge and replaced with another new one (both from ink4art), and prob. seemed fixed. now after very few color prints , no more red.

reluctant to run cleaning cycle cause it didn't help first time around, and i was thinking if the prob is the ink, wouldn't sucking more through the system make it worse? (if indeed that's what happens in a cleaning cycle).

so i am awaiting someone's response to my other post re how to use repair kit as have lost instructions; but once i get it fixed, i wonder if i need to quit using this particular brand. in fairness, i should say that i have had these inks since, i think, january 2002, (bought 12 pack) and seems like i read you should use them in 6 mo.

any recommendations on off brands, esp for photo printing?