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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

repair or replace HP 4000T / comments on HP 2840?

Several years ago, my now ex-husband did the maintenance/repair of my 4000T, which is probably about 10 years old, with a kit (new rollers, etc.) After that I could only use one of the paper trays (number 3) and the number 1 hand-loading tray. Recently the printer gave me a message it needs maintenance again. I found (on this site) how to turn off the message and resume printing, but now it will ONLY take paper from the number 1 tray, and it's running very slowly. I've called a printer repair place, and they want $300 minimum to do the maintenance. Should I just get a new printer? What's comparable? I am a court reporter and print A LOT of pages on it every month. I've truly gotten my money's worth out of it, and it's been a great workhorse. Can anyone help me decide?

Also any comments on the Laserjet 2840? I am on my 4th one from Costco.com, due to problems I've experienced with each one. Thank goodness for Costco's forever return policy, I've been able to just return and replace them each time. I use this printer to make copies of exhibits, both black and white and color, and as my fax machine and general printer for emails, coupons, etc. off the internet. What is up with this printer and why so many problems?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
Fix the 4000.

The 2840 is not nearly as reliable as a 4000.

When you are using tray 1 the printer runs at half speed, so fixing the other trays should get you back to normal.

You might need one of the kits they fell here:


If you would tell us what problems the printer is having we could be more helpful.
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Okay. Here goes! I have my 4000T printer hooked up to an old DOS computer (NEC, if that gives you any indication of how old it is!) that my court reporting software is on. Neither one has USB, so they're both happy! When I got my 4th 2840, my Dell computer that I use for internet, billing, everything but my transcripts would not "talk" to the new 2840, even though it was the exact same model, just "unplugged" one and "plugged in" the other. Reinstalling the 2840 was not an option, as neither one of the CD drives in my Dell will work. So to get billing and business communication out, I tried hooking up my Dell computer to my 4000T via a USB/parallel cable, which I had done in the past. It worked to print a letter, but when I tried to do the envelope, nothing would work. I tried hitting buttons on the menu, anything that sounded logical. It kept telling me to load tray 1, but it kept printing it as if it was a regular piece of paper, not in the form of an envelope. Then I got the maintenance message. I finally gave up after about two hours of frustration and handwrote the envelope. I got rid of the maintenance message, but now my printer REFUSES to print anything out of tray 3 that I had previously been using. (Not only that, my Dell REFUSES to talk to the 4000T now. I had to save my billing and correspondence to a 3.5 floppy and put it in my laptop and hook that to the 4000T to print them. I've since purchased a cheap $50 HP Laserjet P1005 to tide me over until I get the new computer I purchased but haven't had time to set up yet hooked up to the 2840 and all my Word Perfect from the Dell converted to Word on the new computer....uh-huh, I know.) If I don't have any paper in tray 1, the 4000T keeps telling me to load it. So I've been printing out of tray 1 and have to keep loading and loading and loading paper (it doesn't hold much!) and it's printing so slowly.

I never intended to use the 2840 for my transcripts. I only wanted it to do exhibit copies so I don't have to run down to Office Depot to make them. And I replaced my inkjet all-in-one for my general printing because I figured laser is a better quality copy for exhibits. I only use the 4000T for my transcripts.

So a new high quality laser to replace the 4000T isn't a better idea than spending $300+ to overhaul this really old one? I cannot do it myself...that's not an option. Number one, I'm not mechanically inclined. Number two, I don't have the time. AND I need it daily...I don't have the time to leave it anywhere for any period of time.

I know, I'm a mess. Any help?
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If it's just a matter of replacing the pickup rollers, then that is something anyone can do. If it's asking for maintenance and those roller haven't been replaced since the last maintenance, then they are certainly worn out by now. If you pull out the paper tray and look at the roller in the tray, it will probably look shiny. That is the easiest way to determine it is bad. Replacing it is as easy as flipping up the door to the left and squeezing the release latch at the end of the roller. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kits/hp/20 If both trays are bad, then order 2 of the kits. They also come with pictorial instructions.
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