asked Dec 27, 2000 at 5:55am
Nec NEC SuperScript 610

Nec 610

I read with interest the drum service on the Brother message.

My page almost looks a bit dirty and has a couple of faint lines running in the same direction as the paper. When you look at the drum there is small quanties of toner over the whole drum and thin lines of it where the lines come on the paper.

I can gently wipe this excess toner off and the drum looks perfect (nice blue coluor with no apparent scratches or nicks.

The other posting referred to a wiper and a collection hopper. The only thing I can see along the front edge of the cartridge appears to be wiping surfaces and may be between to two surfaces that you can see is a hopper.

Is this right? Can I remove this or clean it some how? Doesn't look very accesable.


The wiper blade is internal in the cartridge. It isn't visible. Cleaning it doesn't normally work. We don't do those cartridges in our facility, so have no replacement parts. You'd probably ruin the cartridge trying to replace the blade if you could find one.
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We refill those cartridges.
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