asked Jul 14, 2008 at 3:40pm
Canon Canon Pixma MP750

Canon Pixma MP750 Power Supply

Due to mains overvoltage my Canon MP750 don't turn on. Power supply unit HY7-2916-000 damaged, some components burned... In particular I'm finding electric drawing of the printed circuit board (named MF310-4001B) or the resistor value R1 (near Mosfet Q1). Thank you in advance.
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I have a MF310-4001BT which is burned out.
R1 has the colors red gray red - red an looks to me like a 2,8K with 2\%. But take a closer look. There might be a lot more damage.
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Can anyone supply info's where it is possible to obtain a PCB (printed circuit board) MF310-4001B for a Canon printer model MP750 Pixma ?
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giacle,... You can call up the Canon Parts store in the US at 1-800-423-2366 and order the part from them. I'm not sure if they will ship overseas.
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