asked Jun 24, 2008 at 6:00am
Hp HP LaserJet 6L

HP LaserJet 6L Stuck at Orange Light

I am not sure what caused it initially but suspect when removing a jam from HP LJ 6L, the exit sensor got stuck up and all following pages were hitting it and jamming. The top of the sensor arm was stuck under the housing that sits over the fuser. I loosened the housing and allowed the sensor arm to come down to its normal position. Now when plugging in printer it go to the top orange light and does nothing. It is like it thinks the sensor is tripped. Any suggestions?

Hate to tell you but the up position is where it should be as the paper presses it forward towards the front to activate it and then it is supposed to flip back up. It is spring loaded and what happens when the jam is removed is it pops out of the bottom frame and you really need to remove the cover to get it back into the correct position. Download the service manual from the link below which will give you instructions.

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