asked Aug 15, 2002 at 2:24pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter II

We have an old Apple Laserwriter II here (on a small Appletalk/TCPIP network with an AsanteTalk thing that allows it to be a network printer) that's still working great mechanically, but it's recently stopped printing PDF files reliably. Often when printing PDFs, they queue for 30+ minutes, then don't print, or simply just don't print at all. The owner of the printer remembers something from a while ago about there being a problem with the printer's ROM, but he never bothered to pester Apple about replacing it, as other people apparently had success doing. He thought that this problem in the ROM only affected relatively large networks, and at the time didn't apply, so he didn't get it fixed. So, we were wondering if anyone had any clue about how we could get this ROM, or if that's even the problem. Again, to summarize, the printer was working fine, but recently (I believe as a response to our network growing), the printer does not reliably print PDF files.

Thank you
The ROM is part of the formatter and is not replaceable. Which model II do you have? There was an SC, NT, NTX, F, and G. The identification is on the formatter board at the rear of the printer. Formatter board is held on by 2 screws. We have G boards in "Moe's Specials" on our main page. They would be faster and have a lot more memory than the non-upgradeable SC or NT boards.
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Oh sorry, did I forget to mention the model? It's a IIf. I think it has 20mb of memory in it, so I'm pretty sure we've upgraded it a little already.
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