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Canon BJC-6000 waste tank full - error

the Canon BJC-6000 inkjet (as other Canon) printer repeats cleaning of print head. This fills the waste ink tank and inhibits printing when tank is full, shows error message.
question :
- how to reset the error
- how to remove and clean the waste tank
thanks, Hans [email protected]
reducing ink consumption :
there is a hidden command to do economic head cleaning : select the setting by Shift + mousclick
in the maintainance window.
Is it easy to get to the absorbent pad? I can buy one online for $4 plus $7 shipping. (Canon BJC-6000 waste ink "tank")
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I have the same problem of a full waste tank, please let me know how to empty and remove error
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we do these all the time.the waste area at the bottom of hte printer is full of ink, the pads have to be replaced and the eeprom has to be reset.check out your local Canon dealer or an independent, like us.
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I found this message and have a question. I took my printer to a local independant and was told that I would have to purchase and replace the entire piece the waste ink tank is attached to. Is it possible to remove, clean, and replace that area? If not possible, where can I purchase that piece? - Anonymous
I remember from days gone by on the BJC-600, you could clear this error by holding down every button on the printer and turning it on, then letting go of all the buttons.Maybe that still works... maybe not.
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///////////////////////////////////////Reset BJC-6000 Waste tank full-errorplease read instructions on:http://www.magma.ca/~russrite/Canon_Drivers/KB/resets///////////////////////////////////// ///who knows how to open the printers cabinetwithout damging the plastic case, for cleaningthe inside ?
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go to magmacom.com & look under waste error resetIt will take a few tries but it worked for me !The pads at the bottom of the printer are still full but who cares !!!!!!!!!!
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go to magmacom.com & look under waste error resetIt will take a few tries but it worked for me !The pads at the bottom of the printer are still full but who cares !!!!!!!!!!
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Get a different repair shop, that guy is jerking your chain, on the 6000 there IS NO WASTE "TANK"!!!!!!!! The waste tank is a misnomer for a liquid absorbent piece of material, diaper like, that lays at the bottom of the printer body. It is held in by some holes in the material that fit over pinnacles molded into the bottom. At least that was what I found when I opened up my 6000 which was purchaed new.
If, therefore, you have to buy what is holding in the diaper you are buying a printer body!
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The same problem occurs with the Canon S9000. Very annoying because the mechanical functioning of the printer is fine; no loss of print quality or other sign of a real problem. I can corroborate Bob M's comment. I sought out a service center (about 70 miles from home!) whose technician told me the warning comes on after a certain number of passes of the print head. There is no liquid sensor or any such thing. Also there is no tank, just sponges. My sponges are nearly dry as a bone. After months of hitting the "resume" button to override the warning, now the printer has stopped working altogether. My guess is that that will happen after a certain number of print head passes. I smell a scam. The phone support people are really eager to sell me a new printer. Frankly, I think Canon ought to be sued for their intentional built-in sabotage of their products.
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The answer is so simple that it's crazy no one told us. You can purchase new ink wells along with the ink cartridges. It is not that much more, but no one tells you. The package simply has the large blue container that the ink cartridges are put in to. This lesson cost me about $50. I had even taken the printer to a local fix it shop and was told that I would be better off throwing the printer away and buying a new one. The cost was about $80 to replace everything, but I did get new ink cartridges that I don't need right now. The printer worked great after the excess ink was cleaned out.

I was pretty upset that the answer was so simple and the materials were available, but no one wanted to tell you about it. It left me with an upset feeling toward Cannon and their support as well. - Anonymous
I get the waste tank full error beeps. There is black ink which has leaked all over the rollers and small compartments underneath the print cartridges. Is it possible for this to be cleaned off and the waste tank full code reset? I have replaced both the cartridges and the ink tanks. All the repairmen either say buy a new printer or they don't know what to do with it. Could anyone give me some advice? Thank you, Oleta
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I need the waste tank re-set information for Canoni70?
is cleaning the pad going to help?
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