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Hp HP OfficeJet 7210

HP 7210 - Use HP 94 Cartridge in a UK Version

Hi. I bought a HP 7210 All In One in England last year. And have moved back to the states. Went to Staples to buy a replacement black ink cartridge and they gave me the HP 94. However my All In One puts up an error message saying it is incompatible. I am guessing it is because for the EMEA version of the 7210 it is expecting the HP 338 ink cartridge (which is not sold in the USA).

How do I get it to accept the HP 94 cartridge - which fits perfectly? Is it a configuration/driver issue or am I SOL?

Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issue going from the US to the UK for an OfficeJet J6450. In the US it takes an HP74/75XL ink cartridge and in the UK it takes a 350/351XL. Identical cartridge, but incompatible. HP wants $20 for a phone call to fix what they already know the answer too. The website even says so. Anyone here know how to fix it?

Corbin Miles
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