asked May 25, 2008 at 10:16am
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

HP LaserJet 6P Smudge

I read through the helpful forums, and believe I have a fixing film issue on a HP LaserJet 6P. Printouts come out with a continual smudge down the left side of the page, about ½ inch in. The ink cannot be smeared by my finger.

If I open the top panel halfway through a manual feed, the lefthand side smudge is not there, and the ink can be smeared with a finger.

Visual inspection at the back panel shows a long caramel colored roll (I assume this is the fixing film?) with no obvious tears. There is some black mottling on the roll, but not where the smudge gets printed.

Does this sound like a fixing film issue (which your repair kit can fix)? Or is it a fuser issue? Maybe fixing film and fuser are one in the same?

The fixing film is part of the fuser assembly. It is a thin plastic film that slides around the heater portion. When it shreds, it will cause that problem. In that case, the fixing film kit will fix it. If you open the rear door and look inside the fuser assembly, you can see it visually at the top part. It shoud be a gray film extending all the way across. It could either be shredded or the gray coating has worn off.
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