asked May 12, 2008 at 10:33am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

Bad nozzle test-Epson 2000P


Can anyone help please? (Hope so)

I took Denny Conway's advice on this link.
and my nozzle test improved a little, using the coffee filter strips, but then the test stagnated. Thank you anyway Denny Conway because I'm almost happy to see more marks on the nozzle test than before! I see a lot of ink on the coffee filters but no dirt, dust, hairs or anything. There is only ink. What does this mean?

I use original cartridges and have never had any problems before. My problems started the other day like this: Suddenly, after using the printer a lot on matte thick art paper, for a week using only color, without any problems, I needed to print a letter out, black on ordinary paper, and it didn't print out - just a page of marks. This has never happened before. I did a nozzle test and there was no black, no number underneath of course, and the colors were weak too, especially the yellow. So today I took Denny Conway's advice with paper strîps using the orange button to move the cartridges and not moving them manually because I'm not sure how to.
I'm wondering if there is any use in my continuing with the coffee filter strips or should I try something else....

Thanks for any help.