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Hp HP Color Copier 150

Color printing issues on my new to me 4650DN -

I picked up this printer used with the intention of printing manufacture lit and proposals for my clients. Some things come out looking pretty darn good but most of the stuff I try and print in full color looks like someone dragged a very fine comb along the page as it printed. I just did an internal color band test? And I see the same sort of effect on that paper. Color is pretty good but almost looks like an early inkjet where you can see each jet every 1/32 or 1/16 of an inch. I fully understand this is a laser not a photo inkjet but something seems off here. I cant find where to print it from but the printer came with a color test page that I don't remember seeing this banding. cartridges appear to be OEM, not refills. What can I expect for picture quality from this printer and what should I be doing for diagnostics. The company that sold it to me has been very helpful but it was $150 to get it here so I really don't see sending it back to them. It was a risk I had to take. My other printers were dying and I've had bad luck with the consumer grade HP printers so I went for the low page count used HP small office printer and crossed my fingers.

Thanks for any help. I've been digging around here and didn't find my exact problem but there is a lot of great info on here
this problem is more noticeable than ever. I have a scanned image that shows the printing problem if anyone can help
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Post a link to the scanned image. Just post it to a free posting site. My assumption is you ran the pq troubleshooting pages from with the diagnostics menu. If not run those pages which will print solid fill pages for each of the 4 colors. If the defect appears on all 4 colors and in the same place it would indicate possibly and issue with the fuser. I have seen a lot of fusers on this printer where the input has a large build up of caked on toner. Just remove the fuser with the power off and turn it over and if you have the issue you will see it. If the banding is in different places for each color and is like a light spot all the way down the paper in places, then it possible you have laser/mirror contamination.
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Here's a link to some 300dpi scanned images. It's much more noticeable on the two images over the four test pages but it's there on all of them. I pulled the front door open and what I believe is the transfer belt doesn't look all that good. Also there is a roller at the bottom of the belt that seems very dirty and gritty.

upper center of the page you can click on O for original. That will be the largest file size and give you the best detail

Thanks for the help.
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To be honest the yellow and magenta do not look that bad and it appears the cyan and black toners have issues. That said you can clean up the ETB by going down to a local art supply store and purchasing a can of Bestine which is a rubber cement solvent and works real well in cleaning up those belts. What I also suggest is putting the printer in diagnositcs mode and turning off cartridge check so you can remove and swap toners at will. This way you can lets say remove both the cyan and black and print the graphic in yellow and magenta just to see if those fine lines are there. The colors of course will be wrong but you are trying to narrow down the issue.
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I have plenty of bestine here already.

I'll do my best but it seems like it's time to start looking for a quality local repair center. I had one contact but they shut down their local satellite and corporate is too far away.
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