asked Apr 28, 2008 at 9:12pm
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Clicking Gears as Printer Cycles

Apple Personal Laserwriter 300. I really like this printer and use it to print out of all my old applications. Started clicking as printer cycled on power up and on printing. Then paper jam occurred. Upon checking cartridge, drive gears seemed very stiff. Cycling printer with cartridge remove was quiet, gear in printer turned and could not be made to click by trying to manually stop it from turning. This led me to believe the problem was in the cartridge. I purchased a reman cartridge but the same condition persisted including the stiff gear in the cartridge. Checking a second reman cartridge it also had a stiff gear. Should that gear turn freely? Are these cartridges not able to be remanufactured? The Apple rep seems to think they get jammed by paper dust. Any ideas welcomed. TD
All depends on which way you are turning the gear. With the gear under your right thumb, turn it away from your body. The drum should turn fairly easy. If you are straining to turn the gear, then that is enough resistance to not only cause the clicking, but to eventually split the motor gear (if it's not already split). There is nothing wrong with remanufactured cartridges, as long as you buy them from a quality site. eBay is definitely not the place to buy any cartridge.
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