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Apple LaserWriter 16/600 slow printing

Hi all, first time post here. In our office, we have a "retired" LaserWriter 16/600 that now is just used as a backup-to-the secondary printer in the office, (so 3rd in line??) but a couple of the people, me included, whose offices are in the rear of the building use it frequently since it's right here nearby. It's a great printer, it's had about a million copies run through it, but I take it apart every summer and clean it out. It never complains, it never jams, the toner is dirt cheap, and it prints nice. As a tech coord., it's the perfect printer. ;) But, it has started to print very slowly. You send a job to it, and the left-LED blinks for sometimes a minute or two before it prints, and often times with a multiple-page job, it will pause 15-20 seconds with the LED blinking between pages. I scrounged around and found some SIMMS in the proper spec and maxed the memory to 32 MB, but it did not make any difference. The only unknown is that it's hooked up to the network with an Asante "FriendlyNet" print server. It's no big deal to me, but some of the office staff are complaining. Any ideas?

Anybody have anything I can try? Thanks-

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Probably a network issue. Try hooking it straight into a computer and see if it prints any faster.
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