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Canon Canon Pixma MP750

Canon Pixma MP750 - disassembly guide

It's time to change the waste ink absorbers and I'd be more confident disassembling the MP750 with a technical service manual at hand...a step-by-step disassembly guide like the one I used to fix my Epson C82 (for the same reason.) Can anyone direct me to a source where I can get a 'real' tech service manual (not the unhelpful 'error code list' doc that says one should contact a Canon service facility...)?
Bordobob,... I have created Repair Manuals for most all of the Canon printers and a few of the HP printers. From time to time I list these Manuals for sale on eBay. Each manual has 9 chapters that deal with every thing from diagnostics, disasembly, repair, and preventive maintenance. I use high quality digital photos that show each and every detail on how to take apart and repair a printer, including things like how to reset the waste ink counter, remove and repair the purge unit, correcting the paper feed timing gears, and a lot more. All of this is in PDF format such that the digital pictures can be enlarged to 500\% so you can see real close up details.

I also include the Canon Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs, when they exsist, and section that contain Color test images to calibrate your monitor and printer. It also contains section to SHOW you how to modify the Canon ink carts so you can refill the ink yourself and say and enormous about of $$$. These typically sell for $25 which is a great price when you consider that others are selling the Service Manual alone for $10. My CD also contains all the available documentation and software for the specific printer. I should have them listed again is a week.

There is no better manual anywhere. I hope this answers your question.
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Have you got any of these manuals on Ebay now - I want one. Have you got a auction reference number you can provide?


Phil - Anonymous
to trigger1937...thanks for responding ! However, after having posted at another site I received the service manuals in pdf and have already looked them over. True, they are somewhat limited in pictures on the disassembly but I think the instructions are sufficient. Your offer at $25 appears a "good deal" since another seller on the net wanted $40 just for the basic manual and error code list(of little practical value)and certainly no pictures. Having an experience on the Epson, I am going to use the docs that I received, but I'll keep in mind your offer if I don't succeed. Thanks again for your response.
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I need a service manual for MP 530,,,,the paper guide does not flip up to the meet the pickup rollers.

plus another MP has a dog ear problem when feeding - unknown
Greetings Phil,
It is TRIGGER 1937 (this forum) who proposed a $25 CD package for the MP750 and I believe that he might have them available on E-Bay. I received a pdf manual from "[email protected]" which I used to find the screws to disassemble the modules and clean the ink absorbant pads. I stupidly broke a wiring connection and am now attempting to repair it. Patience and good luck!
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Roy...I've received a notice from this old thread about your need for a repair manual for a MP530. I think that I still have one for MP750 only. In any case I gave up trying to repair the MP750 about 2 years ago and bought a Kodak ESP-3 which I use continuously. (I paid 1/3 the price for the Kodak and get the same functionalities ...)
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bordobob.check into it...
I noted massive similarilities amongst the canon group of inkjet printer.
one service manual does a bunch!
I have MP 530 on the bench..need to get to the pickup assy.
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roy...if you want the 3.15mo PDG file...send me an email address.

- Bordobob
Okay... here goes. I first admit that I bit off a bit more than I could chew.

I acquired an MP530 that was jamming from the lower tray. Found that a spring, just under the upper paper tray, had come loose in the transport path and was blocking the paper.

Using the Service manual, it was a piece of cake to disassemble to get to the paper feed unit. But there were no exploded views of the unit itself (not even in the Parts list). I did manage to get to the spring and relocate the loose end.

but... of course ... phone rings in the middle of it all, and half the gears on the right side hit the floor.

I got most of the unit back together. Now I'm at a loss as to where the remaining gears go.

Anyone have access to the assembly diagram of the paper feed unit so I can finish this little matter and can clear my shop bench.

Thanks for any assistance.

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gigerfan,.... You have discovered the key problems with people that purchase the Canon Service Manual and expect they can fix their printer. It basically shows you how to get the covers off and that is it.

I don't know what you were taking apart when the phone rang,..but there is no way you should have disengaged any of the gears. You would have to take the main carriage shaft loose to have those gears come off.

Anyway,... if you need more help, just click on my USER ID and send me an email. I will respond.
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trigger........I have to difer with you on this. I have the Parts & Service
manual for this printer and it is a complete manual of 175 pages and tells much more than dissassembly instructions.

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Philly,... Yes they do provide a lot of information and some of them even show you how to take things apart. However the Canon MP750-780 Service Manual does NOT include any pictures or instruction on how to take the printer apart. The Parts catalog only shows "Exploded Diagrams" to identify the major replaceable parts. What they don't show you is how to remove the covers and;

1. How to clean your printhead and why it needs cleaning.
2. How to clean and refill your Canon ink carts with GOOD ink.
3. How to clean your purge unit, and the bottom side exit tubes.
4. How to remove and replace your purge unit.
5. How to remove and/or clean or replace your timing strip.
6. How to remove and replace the carriage assembly
7. How to remove the main chassis from the base
6. How to remove and clean the Waste ink pads
7. How to remove and replace the main drive belt
8. How to align the feed gears.
9. How to remove and clean / or replace the timing disk.
10. What to remove and what NOT to remove in Disassembly
11. And on and on and on.
12. Finally,.. how to take care of your printer so it will last

Add to all of this are detailed pictures that show you step by step so you can not only get it apart,..but put it back together.

Maybe the most important step is how to test your printer when it is APART, so that when you put it back together you will know it is going to work.

I have every Canon Service Manual and Parts Catalog printed and believe me I have gone through each one in the process of creating a good Repair Manual for 45 different printers. If you want a sample of one of them, just click on my USER ID and I will provide it.
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Hi Trigger37

It's the MP780 CD I need. I'd like to purchase one now; where can I buy it? Can you bill me directly through Paypal? Or, if you have them posted for sale online, exactly where?

My Waste Ink has been nearly full for a long time and I've been overriding it by hitting OK. Now it says Wrong Cartridge, which I've learned is the print head, and I'm thinking my lack of attention to the Waste Ink has likely caused the Wrong Cartridge error. Clearly, I need to try to clean those ink pads up and clean the print head. For such a job, I need your CD.

I love my Pixma MP780 and want to have it running well for a long time to come.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give -
Marcy - unknown
trigger- The manual is for a printer tech and assumes that you know about printers beforehand. To a novice, it may seem daunting but to a tech it provides invaluable information.
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philly,... you are correct, they are intended for Tech support people, and that is why they are not much help to the everyday people who don't know anything about printers. The Canon Service Manuals are a godsend, and that is why I GIVE both the Service Manual and the parts catalog away for free to everyone who gets one of my manuals. I also provide on my CD, folders that contain the latest versions of Acrobat Reader, which is necessary to display the manual, a folder for 57 Color test images which are used to test the printer under all conditions, to purge and clean specific ink nozzles, and to help others learn how to calibrate their printers and to educate people on the difference of subtractive color pigments as opposed to Additive color images. I also provide the full content of all software that was originally supplied by Canon, as well as all of the updated software, user guides, and setup information. All of this I provide at no cost. The only thing I charge for is my own Manual that I have spent years creating.

The final key item I provide is my unlimited technical support for each and every manual I sell, up until the time I die, or I become so senile that I forget the knowledge I learned. That may not be to far in the furture.

This is not all that is included but if your interested I will send you a sample.

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gigerfan...screwing up a wiring connection or dropping stuff on the floor is par for the course among us non-techs. Even if you have the manuals,which I do,the disassembly and reassembly could turn out disastrous. I had a good experience on an Epson printer but still messed up on the MP750. Purchasing trigger 1937 's package, rather than relying solely on a manual and a bit of experience, seems to me the better way to go...that is, if you absolutely need the printer. If not, all you need is a hammer,a screwdriver, pliers and a case of beer...the manual will only get in your way.
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Downloaded and paid for technical manuel - don't believe this will lead me to the ultimate problem I have of the printer "not getting any juice". And yes, I have tried several outlets.
Any clues to get this up and running once again.
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If your MP750 was working fine before this problem, it may be just a bad cord or a blown fuse (although I don't remember seeing a fuse in my machine). After plugging into several outlets with the same negative results the next step in isolating the problem is to check the power at a point just before the "on/off" switch inside the computer using a gizmo that lights up if power is present...This indicates if the problem is in the power cord or plug. Be careful. If you have power then test after the "on/off" switch (in the "on" position). If no power, there is your problem...the switch may be defunct. If not, briefly follow the wiring looking for a loose wire...but generally, it would be better to contact an experienced tech (which I am not!) and get a repair estimate. If it is unreasonable, then contemplate getting rid of the machine. - unknown
Jean137,... What technical manual did you buy. If it was the Canon Service Manual, it will only show you where the AC adapter is located and how to replace it. You've tried several AC outlet but have you used some other item like a lamp, or radio, etc. to test the AC plug to make sure 115VAC is coming out.

If so then the problem will be in the AC adapter. You only real choice is to order a replacement by call the Canon Parts department at 1-866-481-2569 and ask for the parts department, tell them your printer model.
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Marcy,... I have sent you an email and all you have to do is respond to that with a reply. That will give to me and no one else your email address. It will also confirm what you want. I will use that infor to create the invoice via Pay Pay and once I get the notification I will create and mail the CD.

I would also appreciate more information about your MP780 and what problems you are having right now, and what you have done to try and fix it, and any sample image scans of nozzle test prints. This way we can get started on you problem while thing are in the mail.
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Hey Trigger, where are you getting the actual Canon Manuals?
If your Canon printer will not fire up, its either the power supply or the logic board or lately it has been operator error with the Ahem AC Plug!

Canon tech
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BAB,... Over the last 4 years I have purchase and/or traded for the manuals and now I have all that I need. My problem is that I have about 15 HP printers of various models to repair and I don't have a manual for any of them, and I can find anyone that has them or even has spare parts. I'm not going to expand my efforts past the models that I have, since what I do requires that I have the printer in my hands,..and I'm not going to buy any more printers,... especially the newer models. I will continue to work on the older units that I have already finished.

Thank heavens for what Canon does. They make a great printer and if taken care of will last forever,.. and if they do fail Canon is still selling all the parts. I check yesterday for the cost of the timing strip for an older i850 and it was $0.85. Most other companies wouldn't even have the part.
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Hi Trigger37

It's the MP780;MP830 CD I need. I'd like to purchase one now; where can I buy it? Or, if you have them posted for sale online, exactly where?

Fiorryy Germany...
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fiorryy,... I have sent you an email with my address. Once you reply I can send you the information about the manuals and how to get one.
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Good Afternoon trigger 1937,

Could you please tell me if I can get the disassembly guide (in order to fix the "waste ink full" problem) for the MP780 from you?

Robyn, Dublin, Ireland.
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Walter,...Yes you can still get the Repair Manual. I have sent you an email and once you respond to that I will be able to provide you more information.
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