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Hp HP OfficeJet Pro L7680

HP L780 ADF paper feed problem

This is my second HP L7680 multifunction with ADF (auto document feeder) with the same problem as my recently returned (to HP) unit. The problem is an intermittent issue with the ADF. Sometimes it will grab documents for copying or scanning and sometimes not. Investigaton reveals that the main roller in the ADF is not dropping onto the documents placed for copying or scanning. The document sensing lever is working and the cover is closed and firmly latched. Other posts on other forums have identified a similar issue but no replies or suggestions have as yet been offered.

Anyone have a fix for this annoying problem???By the way, the unit is new (again) and there is no issue with roller cleanliness.
I'm having a similar problem also. When using the APF, it jams as the edge of the paper starts onto the glass. There are rub marks on the back of the original where the two black rollers are spinning but the paper is not moving. This sounds like the same problem. Have you had any results?
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I had this problem and found a simple fix. Maybe this will help you too. Have you (or someone else) ever taken the clear cover (with the blue trim)off the inside of the document feeder lid (perhaps to clean it)? When you replace it you must be sure to put the cover beneath the white lining edge, NOT on top of it. See the pictorial instructions inside the lid. - Anonymous
I have the same problem and it is just as you describe. It intermittently fails to drop the main roller and start feeding. HP has no help either. I think this is just some kind of design flaw and either it works or not. No one offers any repair guide to fix this problem - except get a different printer - from a different company.
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