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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 Image printed bottom 1/4 of page ONLY????

I have a HP color laserjet 2840 printer which I have put in a new drum for it, and a yellow cartridge. First page printing right after i put in both cartridges, I got message as "unexpected page size" ( something like that ), and the image will print on the bottom of page about 3/4 of page down - looks like the image got shifted/moved down-ward entirely about 3/4 page size from top edge. No error messsage on printer display, and every single page printed the same way ( print from computer, copy, or even the demo page generated by printer itself ). The image quality come out good, no ghosting.

Furthermore, I tried 3 different drums with same result, and the paper pick-up roller is picking up paper properly. In addition to that, if I try to feed paper on manual tray, the page will feed in at about 1/4 page size sticking out of top exit outlet, then jammed - there has nothing to actually jam the page but it just stop right there on every single page feeded through the manual tray.

No idea how to fix this problem so any suggestion will be highly appriciated.
I have the same problem. I had a couple of repair guys come out and they replaced my rollers under the bottom tray (tray one) and it seemed to work for about a day and then the problem returned. When they came back out, they wanted to replace the whole bottom section of the printer where all of the gears and things are....I haven't done that yet. Have you resolved your problem yet? Please let me know any info you may have.

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