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Hp HP LaserJet 6L

HP LaserJet 6L Paper Feed Problem

If the paper feed is less than 3/4 of the way full, this printer will pull 5-10 sheets of paper through at a time. Obviously only one is printed on, but it's really annoying to have to put a bunch of paper back into the feed slot after each page printed. But I don't get this problem if it's full. Anyone know what the problem might be?
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You're printer needs service. Pickup roller and sepparator must be changed for a new one. Sepparator (who sepparate paper when picked up) does not work propperly.
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If you install the Separation pad kit & pick-up roller & clean the printer this little tyke will continue to print away happily. If you print envelopes you will need to sand down --- roughen up the 2 black rollers on either side & slightly in front of the separation pad since they get glossy & hardened. Use rough sand paper on them & clean off with a cleaner. For safety of not breaking off the black paper sensor flag sticking up near the left roller just tape it down during cleaning & remove tape after.

I have replaced probably 1,000 of the separation pads on 5L / 6L / 3100's since 1998 & over 3,000 for the Laserjet 1100's.

Why they kept using the grey rubber pads for all HP printers for years was just stupid but, it gave me much work.
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Don't knock it as you may not have had a job if it was not it. I love when hp makes a mistake since it keeps us in business. Swingplate on 4250/4350/4240/4345 and cartridge locks on color laser 3000 series have been wonderful.
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Nicomputer you are dead wrong. Do not post unless you know the correct fix. Moe gave it immediately as the user needs the kit with the SEPARATION pads. Pickup roller has nothing to do with mulitple sheet feeds. If the pickup roller had an issue it would not pickup so there is nothing wrong with the pickup roller since it does pickup the paper. Picking up more than 1 sheet is caused by the separation pads wearing and needing replacment. Only reason for replacing the pickup roller at the same time is because it probably has some wear and might as well do it at the same time. If you do not know what a separation pad is then you should not be posting to this board.
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I have a related problem with my trusty 6L. Lately it will not grab the sheet, either a single sheet or from a pack.

I had the problem once or twice before, years ago, and was able to fix it by ordering a stiff cardboard pad that was sticky at one end. Apparently the pickup roller gets dusty and loses its grip, and the sticky pad inserted into the paper bin restores it. Now I can't find these maintenance pads on Ebay or elsewhere. I think originally they were made by HP but got phased out.

How do I deal with this? I'm not averse to taking it partially apart to clean rollers, but it's not obvious how to remove the back plate (I removed screws and it doesn't budge) and I don't want to break anything.

Thanks for advice.
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Ha, I think I may have figured it out, it's simpler than I thought. Just remove the toner cartridge, which exposes the central pickup wheel. It looked a little dusty, so I wiped it off with Q-tips and water, turning it carefully, and now it has fed a couple pages just fine.
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I have the laserjet 6L paper separation problem, and have learned from this forum, that I should replace the separation pad, and that there is a kit available for that.
In Denmark, where I live, there is a kit available for something like 10$ but then comes VAT and handling and shipment so the price ends up at about 80 $.
As I am very well equipped with a workshop, I would like if someone who has changed the separation pad would be kind and tell me, what is it, that has been worn on the separation pad, so maybe I could repair the pad instead of a new one.

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No need to buy any kit just use a cork to tape firmly on the original one and all will be done and cost nothing.
Cut one piece of cork at 5.2cm * 1.1cm and the thickness is about 0.2cm to 0.3cm ,the same size as the old one, tape the cork firmly on the old one and it will work really fine.

The most difficult part is you have to take the 6L apart first.

Two screws on the top and three on the back cover, take the small ram cover off first at the left middle bottom side, then the back cover, last one is the front & top cover together.

There's no need to break the front door from the top cover, you can just take them up at the same time.

Just half open front door and pull and loose toward youself at both ends of front bottom side, then take all the cover off from up side.

Now take the clutch gear from the left side (the left most one), next take a metal clip from the opposite right side, then switch off a white L shape plastic behind the metal clip, now you can take the grab roller set off from 6L from the right side first.

If you like you can just tape the cork right on the old one now, or you can continue to take the metal kick plate out, but be careful with the both sides of top end where them stick into 6L's body.
They are all black round looking plastic and very frailable.
Now you can get the separate pad off by take one white plastic off first from the back middle side of 6L.

You can just tape the new one on the old one or clean all old one up first, neither one will be done all the same.

After all these be done then put all of them together 6L will work happily.

But there's another step you should do by this far.
Before you put them together, turn 6L to the left side face to you where the clutch gear seats, on the left side of it there's a clutch with a L shape metal, take it off with one screw off first, now take the L shape metal off and be careful not to lose the small spring.
Clean all the sticky glue up and tape one or two lays of electric tape on the L shape metal and put all of them together.

Now your 6L will work like a new one. I myself have done all of these more than hundreds of times onto 5L/6L and that's what i work with. - healthup
You can not repair the pad as it has a rubber like surface that wears down and becomes to smooth. Only way is to replace the actual pad. To locate the pad just remove the paper and look down and you will see a black ledge. The pad is in front of the ledge below the pickup roller.
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I followed the advice from healthup and after more trials, I succeded. I got the piece of cortk by sawing a bottlecork on my little bandsaw.
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It isn´t necessary to use a piece of korck, you can also take one made of plastic with the following dimensions: 5 cm long, 20 mm wide and about 0,3 mm thick.

Along one 5 cm side you have to finish little teeth about 2 mm heigh and 2 mm wide and separated 3 mm from each other. Fix this peace of plastic on the so called Kick Plate, which is placed opposite the pickup roller in such a way, that the little teeth rise into the air and show in the direction of the pickup roller.

To get a better position to fix the plastic sheet, you have to start to remove the plastic cover of the printer. On youtube you can see in which way you have to go ahead to get a direct access of the Kick Plate. There a two holes in the Kick Plate. Don´t forget to remove the plastic sheet above it.

youtube: hp Laserjet 5L or 6L paper Jam fix Multi Page Pulling

Good luck!
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Great tip with the solenoid ("clutch with a L shape metal"), it was sticky with me as well. SO removed it, cleaned it and taped the moveable part with 2 layers of eletric tape. Now it works like a charm.
Pay attention when re-mounting the pickup roller assembly in case you dismantled it (like I did, because the roll came with my repair kit for the separation pad), best make a picture before so you know which part is directed in which direction wrt. the others.
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I saw the following link on youtube:

which shows the undressed HP 6L transporting the paper, and I wanted to try that, before I assembled the 6L again.
But now the problems came.
The gear rotated about once without taking the shaft with the pick up roller with, and then stopped.

After further investigation I found, that the solenoid did not draw the "brake" ( the L shaped metal)for the gear.

When I then put on the cover, it worked fine.

Is there a contact somewhere, which is not "ON" while the 6L is undressed?
Or anything else I have overlooked?

Best regards

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After undress HP 6L, see from the front side, left top coner side and beside the scanner there is a white plastic in fornt on it there is a horizantal thin matel, that's the on/off breaker.
Just put anything in between the matel and the plastic to push the matel stay backward then 6L will power on.
But if you want to print something then you need to squeeze something into the scanner, see 6L from the front side, right top conner, right side of the scanner there is a square hole, squeeze something into the hole and let it stay there.
Now you can really print anything you like with 6L undressed, but there is another thing you should do is to cover something on the top of the scanner and the top side of the cartridge to prevent the light to cause what you print turn to all black.
But just cover one paper will do. And do'nt forget to let the paper out from the bottom side that will be easier to print. - healthup
There is a door closed switch on top that actuates when the cover is on and the door is closed. With the switch open, the printer won't work.
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try to clean it with rubber cleaner or rubbing alcohol the pick up roller and separation pad
by s.garcia on Oct 17, 2012 at 7:34pm Add comment
1. After installing 6L feed kit new parts and new transfer roller, paper feeding now AOK, but faint horizontal bands and haze on BACK side of sheets. Wasn't there before (same toner cartridge).
2. The RH side plastic snap hook on the transfer roller cover broke off, even though I was knowledgeable (I think) and very careful. The cover is in place and the LH side is secure, but the RH side can be lifted slightly. Could that be a factor here?
3. Staples does not even list 06A cartridges. Is there not a common source anymore? Are old ones generally rebuildable?
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I can't find the 06A cartridge on HP's site anymore so they do not sell it. Whether or not Canon still makes them I'm not sure (a lot of the internals of HP laser printers are made by Canon, so they are the actual manufacturer of 'HP' branded toner cartridges). It does look like in recent years HP has discontinued a few older cartridges - for instance I can't get new cartridges for my Color LaserJet 4550 anymore, but the B&W 4000/4050 cartridge is still sold.
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That's pick up roller problem.
To fix it, clean it with cleaner then wait until it dry.
Don't forget to clean the unit.
I think it solve your problem.
by nicomputer on Apr 5, 2008 at 8:59am Add comment