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Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

Epson SC 740 doesn't print; print head not clogged

I think I've tried everything I could find described in these forums, and still am getting no printing at all. Hopefully someone can help:

I'm trying to fix a friend's Epson Stylus Color 740. Before I started working on it, it was producing very light black printing (color was hardly ever used). Before understanding the clogging issues of Epson printers, I just replaced the cartridges with new ones. But, after that - no output at all. No errors, it goes through all the normal printing motions, but no output at when I run the Epson utility's nozzle check.

Since then:

I tried different cartridges - no change.

Cleaned the print heads (both with ink-cleaner soaked pad under the print head, and by running ink cleaner through the heads from above) - ink is definitely flowing through the heads.

I verified that the heads are not clogged, and that the charge/clean/vacuum system, by flushing the pad in the cap assembly (where the print head rests) with water till it was white, and then running a cleaning cycle - all ink colors from the print head are flowing into the cap assembly during a cleaning cycle, turning the felt pad black plus RGB in spots.

Any ideas of anything else I can try? All I can think of is that I somehow fried the print head during the initial cartridge change, but that seems unlikely.

Is there a service utility that will give more status info? The SSC utility (referenced elsewhere in the forums) isn't of help - couldn't find anything in it that told me anything I don't already know.


If you are 100\% sure the print head is not clogged and the pump is working then it would point to the main board (or fuse on main board) or the print head itself.
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