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Epson CX Models - Print blank pages - Fault known

We sell a number of Epson printers in S. Africa, and have an interesting problem. We know the solution, but would like to find out from others on the forum if they've experienced this problem, and wether they were using original cartridges or compatibles when this problem occurs.
Epson naturally denies ever hearing about this problem before.

It seems that the firmware on the CX-series printers seems to corrupt at some point, and manifests as a printer which initially printed well, but now will not print anything from the PC. It goes through the motions of printing, but nothing appears on the page.

The only way to get a print out is to make a photocopy in PHOTO mode on the printer itself.

Copying the firmware off a working printer and loading it into the new printer (taking care to input the correct HEAD ID), resolves this problem.

All of the printers we have seen (so far) with this problem, initially have the incorrect HEAD ID programmed into them.

What we are trying to ascertain is whether this corruption progesses to the point where the printer will no longer print, because of the use of auto-resetting chips or compatible cartridges or if this is just co-incidental.

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I've seen idiotic responses but this moron's response really takes the biscuit !
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